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New 2010 INAD Sign-up forms are now available: Once again it is that time of year for renewal of your facility‟s INADs for Calendar Year 2010. All 2010 sign-up forms are available on our website at: Please send completed sign-up forms to the AADAP Office by 31 Dec 2009. Invoices will be mailed out the end of January 2010. Note: there will now be a charge for the Diquat INAD; this change will be effective 1 Jan 2010.

Treatment use authorizations received for AQUI-S® E and BENZOAK® VET INADs: The AADAP Office has received treatment use authorizations for both the
Aqui-S® E (eugenol) and BENZOAK® VET (benzocaine) INADs. The current posttreatment withdrawal period for both of these products under INAD authorization is 72 hrs. Although this withdrawal period doesn‟t allow for “immediate release”, it is certainly a step in the right direction! If you are interested in participating under one or both INADs please be sure to sign-up for them.

End of the year INAD forms due: If you have not already done so, please send in all Form 2's (Drug Inventory Form) and Form 3's (Results Report Form) for each of the INADs that were used at your facilities for INAD Year 2009. Note: If your facility was signed-up to use an INAD, even though the INAD drug was not actually used, a Form 2 is still required showing either the amount of drug on-hand or that no use occurred.

National INAD Program (NIP) website automation (on-line data reporting) update: In the July 2008 issue of the AADAP Newsletter we reported that AADAP had begun the process of transitioning our INAD reporting procedures into the Web-age, or in other words, developing NIP website automation that would allow for the on-line reporting of all INAD-required data. We are pleased to report that we are currently in the final stages of developing this website automation program, and we anticipate that on-line reporting of INAD data will be available mid-2010!

The website automation program will allow participants to enter data via the AADAP website directly into a large database. It is hoped that the new on-line data reporting system will not only be less labor intensive (for both INAD participants and AADAP staff) than dealing with hand-entered, hard copy data, but also as a result of built-in system “crosschecks”, will allow for the collection of more accurate/complete data packages. Initially, on-line reporting will be made available to only a few select facilities/agencies so that the automation program can be given a thorough “test drive” to ensure that it is fully functional. Upon completion of testing (hopefully around June 2010) it will be made available as an optional data reporting mechanism to all INAD participants. Assuming that the on-line reporting system is as successful as we hope it will be, it is anticipated that it will become a mandatory procedure for INAD reporting sometime in the not too distant future. Stay tuned...and if anyone is interested in volunteering to become a “test driver”, please contact Bonnie Johnson (

SLICE® (emamectin benzoate) INAD setback: Unfortunately, we have once again received word of another small setback in our ongoing efforts to establish an INAD for SLICE®. Through correspondence from FDA, we have been informed that a relatively limited amount of facility specific effluent-related information is needed for each proposed facility before an initial INAD authorization can be granted. Although we thought we had this data-gap covered…well, we didn't. All potential SLICE® participants that we are currently aware of have been contacted and asked to fill out a SLICE® discharge table. If you have not already done so, please return this table to us so we may resubmit the information to FDA. Hopefully, by the next edition of the Newsletter we will have more positive SLICE® INAD-related information to report.









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