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New Distributor for HALAMID® AQUA (chloramine-T): Under Chloramine-T INAD 9321 two products (HALAMID® AQUA and Actamide) are authorized for use by INAD participants. Recently, Western Chemical Inc., Ferndale, Washington USA
announced that they are the new distributor for HALAMID® AQUA (formerly distributed by International Specialty, Inc.). The contact person for HALAMID® AQUA at Western Chemical is Ron Malnor, and Ron's complete contact information can be found on the chloramine-T fact sheet located on the AADAP website (

Attention Potential SLICE® (emamectin benzoate) INAD Participants: For some time now, the AADAP Office and Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health have been working hand-in-hand to address potential environmental discharge-related concerns expressed by FDA with respect to the use of SLICE® under INAD authorization. These concerns have to date precluded FDA from granting treatment authorization for the use of SLICE® under INAD 11-370. The good news is that we believe that FDA‟s aforementioned concerns have been adequately addressed, and that treatment authorization for the use of SLICE® under INAD 11-370 is anticipated within a couple/three months! If you are interested in participating under the SLICE® INAD11-370 and have not already filled out a site-specific SLICE® Environmental Assessment (EA) Questionnaire for your facility, we suggest that you do so at your earliest convenience. To obtain a copy of the EA Questionnaire, refer to the following webpage:

It is important to note that a completed EA Questionnaire for each participating facility will need to be received by the AADAP Office prior to actual treatment of fish under SLICE® INAD 11-370. Additionally, each facility will also need to notify and receive agreement/confirmation/concurrence from their local NPDES permitting office, or their regional EPA office if EPA has jurisdiction, that SLICE® treatment is authorized (click here to determine whether your state has NPDES permitting jurisdiction).

Update on BENZOAK® INAD 11-740 and AQUI-S® E INAD 11-741: The purpose of these INADs is to allow for their use to anesthetize freshwater and marine finfish, and more specifically, for use to sedate fish to the “handleable-stage” of anesthesia. Current INAD authorizations for BENZOAK® and AQUI-S® E do not allow for the slaughter and/or release of treated animals. Recently, the AADAP Office submitted amended authorization requests to FDA for both INADs requesting the establishment of a post-treatment investigational withdrawal time and authorization to slaughter and/or release treated animals. We are anticipating a reply from FDA within the next few months, and hopefully, at that time these INADs will be available for field use to generate supportive efficacy and safety data. Stay tuned!









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