Fins & Tails, Bits & Bobbers ... Vol 5-1

AFS-AADAP ―Aquaculture Drug-use Guidance: Poster current user-statistics and status: In January 2009 AADAP began distribution of 1000 copies of the second and revised printing of the "Approved Drugs for Use in Aquaculture" poster. As of the end of February more than 900 copies of the AADAP/AFS poster had already been distributed. The second printing was made possible with CVM funding and with assistance of CVM‘s Communications Staff (a special thanks goes out to Dr. Carmen Stamper). Discussions are already underway with CVM to initiate a third printing. To obtain your free copy or copies, click here.

Provided below is a breakdown of the second edition distribution to date:

  • 47 states
  • 13 foreign countries (e.g., Scotland, Malaysia, Venezuela)
  • 35% were requested by state employees
  • 34% were requested by the private sector
  • 13% were requested by federal/tribal employees
  • 13% were requested by university or extension offices.








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