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2009 INAD Sign-up Forms are now available: Once again it is that time of year for renewal of your facility‘s INADs for Calendar Year 2009. Please send in the completed sign-up forms to the AADAP Office by 31 December 2008. Invoices will be mailed out the end of February. All 2009 sign-up forms are available on our website at

Examples of completed INAD forms are now available on the AADAP website: An completed example of every INAD Form is now available on the appropriate INAD drug fact sheet. These forms have been "mocked up" in order to aid Investigators in completing their INAD paperwork. Please use these forms as a guideline, and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact Bonnie Johnson at 406-994-9905.

End of the Year INAD Forms due: If you have not already done so, please send in all Form 2‘s (Drug Inventory Form) and Form 3‘s (Results Report Form) for each of the INADs that were used at your facilities for INAD Year 2008. For the 17-α Methyltestosterone Medicated Feed participants, Form 6 (Year End Efficacy Report) will also need to be submitted.

AFS-AADAP "Aquaculture Drug-use Guidance" Poster statistics and its use in the field: Earlier this summer, the AADAP Program, in coordination with American Fisheries Society (AFS) Fish Culture and Fish Health Section, produced and distributed a quick reference guide poster "Approved Drugs for Use in Aquaculture".

david o and poster

The request for this outreach tool was deemed a huge success. A total of 485 posters were distributed nationwide. Provided below is a breakdown of distribution:

  • 44 states 3 foreign countries (Brazil, England, Spain)
  • 73% were requested by state/federal employees
  • 15% were requested by private entities
  • 12% were requested by private sector organizations, students, and retirees

As noted in the 'What‘s Shakin‘ section of this edition of the Newsletter, plans are already underway for the printing of an updated version of the Poster. Check AADAP‘s website for news of its publication and information on how to obtain copies.

Just a heads up to all of you participating in the National INAD Program: Bonnie Johnson will be on leave for 3 months starting around mid-October 2008. Please fax study worksheets to the AADAP Office instead of emailing or mailing them during this time. Please note if you have any pressing matters during this three month period to call Dave Erdahl at 406-994-9904.







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