Fins & Tails, Bits & Bobbers ... Vol 4-1

SE-MARK® Detector Loaner: If you are enrolled in AADAP’s INAD for calcein
(SE-MARK®) or have hesitated to enroll in the INAD because of the high cost of a detector, help is now available. AADAP has an extra detector and is making it available for use by any calcein INAD investigator. If you are not enrolled and the cost of the detector has been holding you back from doing so, you’ve no excuses now. If you are interested in borrowing it, please contact Tom Bell ( Once you borrow it, you can keep it for as long as you need it, as long as someone else has not already reserved it for that time slot. Your only costs for using it are to replace batteries with fresh ones, replace any bulb that burns out and pay for shipping to the next user.

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