Fins & Tails, Bits & Bobbers ... Vol 3-2

National INAD participants - Did you know that all INAD forms are available on the AADAP Website? The forms are available in either MS Word or PDF formats and are located at (under the INAD participation forms section). Please be sure to check this site regularly to ensure you are using the most current version of a specific INAD form. We are currently submitting several INAD study protocols to CVM for re-authorization, and once approved newer versions of forms will be posted on the website. One very good request that an INAD Monitor recently asked all of his Investigators to do was “….please delete/toss/burn all older versions of INAD forms so outdated forms would not be submitted.” If you are in doubt as to the status of any INAD form you are using, please check the website!

Heads-up on expiration date for drugs: We’re getting reports from some of our INAD participants that product they have ordered and received has an expiration date that extends only 6 to 12 months post receipt. While this 6 is not an issue with certain drugs, it can be problematic if it is a product that is oftentimes stored for future, periodic use. Upshot...if in doubt, be sure to inquire about the expiration date of a specific product when purchasing to help ensure that you will be able to use it when the need arises.

Size of fish to be treated with 17MT: Although most in the industry know this already, we thought we’d share some information we garnered while researching and conducting studies to demonstrate the effectiveness of MT to produce male populations of tilapia. For best results (and perhaps to minimize the number of intersex fish), treat your tilapia fry sooner, rather than later. AADAP’s studies have reaffirmed the work of others showing that the gender of tilapia treated with 17MT at <1.0 cm in length will be more effectively manipulated (i.e., sex-reversed) than those fish treated
at >1.0 cm.

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