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Need more information on VFD drugs? AADAP has compiled a series of publications and other documents that address a variety of issues pertaining to Veterinary Feed Directive drugs. Click here to access that VFD information.

List of Aquatic Animal Veterinarians: Of particular importance to aquaculturists, vis-à-vis Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) drugs, is a website that provides a “listing” of aquatic veterinarians and aquatic animal diagnostic laboratories. The website is jointly sponsored by the American Veterinary Medical Association; GlobalVetLink, LC; Aquacultural Underwriting & Management Services, Ltd; and the National Risk Management Feasibility Program for Aquaculture (at the Department of Agricultural Economics – Mississippi State University). The website allows users to search for an aquatic veterinarian in their local area, which should help any user requiring the application of a VFD drug to treat their fish.

Is the price of a SE-MARK® (calcein) Detector keeping you from enrolling in the calcein INAD? AADAP now has an extra SE-MARK® Detector available to be loaned out to calcein INAD participants. If you would like to use it, please give Tom Bell a phone call (406-994-9911) or drop him an email.

Treatment of salmonids for CWD is no longer an available treatment option under INAD 10-697: As a result of the recent approval for the use of AQUAFLOR® (florfenicol) to control mortality caused by coldwater disease in salmonids, this treatment option is no longer available under INAD 10-697. If your salmonids have CWD and AQUAFLOR® is your drug of choice, you must use the approved AQUAFLOR® product. However, please note that INAD 10-697 may still be used for other “non-approved” uses of AQUAFLOR® in cold-, cool-, and warmwater species.

Ovaplant® is moving to the “front-burner”: Aquatic Life Sciences (ALS) Inc. (parent corporation of Western Chemical Inc. and Syndel International, Inc.) and AADAP have recently engaged in serious discussion as to how best to move Ovaplant® (for use as a spawning aid) toward an initial approval for use in salmonids. Current strategy is to seek a “conditional approval” under MUMS legislation, thereby reducing overall initial data requirements. A Product Development Meeting with CVM to discuss a strategy and action plan for Ovaplant® will be requested later this month.

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