Fins & Tails, Bits & Bobbers ... Vol 2-4

STOP THE PRESSES!!! National INAD Participants - Did you know that you are only required to keep your INAD-related paperwork archived for 2 years after the completion of a specific field trial or study?? Well, we didn’t either until just recently! Upshot….please feel free to go ahead and recycle those study packets that are over 2 years old and reclaim some of your office space!!

LHRHa INAD Participants: Last year we received several reports of LHRHa drug shipments being held up by U.S. Customs when shipped across the border from Syndel Laboratories Ltd. In some cases, shipments were delayed by almost 3 weeks. Although we are not really sure of the exact cause for this delay, it may have been related to the carrier used to deliver the LHRHa?? Upshot….please consider ordering LHRHa well in advance if you are planning to purchase any for use this spawning season!

AADAP to establish an INAD for hydrogen peroxide: as noted earlier in the “What’s Shakin’ section, AADAP is in the preparation stage of a request to establish an INAD for use-patterns not covered by the anticipated new approved NADA for hydrogen peroxide. Watch our website for an announcement when the INAD is received.

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