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  • For best results when mixing up a batch of AQUI-S®, weigh desired amount into a plastic bottle with a leak-proof lid. Add at least 10 times as much water as AQUI-S® and shake vigorously. Pour this milky-white solution into the “knock-out” tub containing the appropriate amount of water. Rinse the bottle a few times with water from the tub, return the rinse water to the tub, and then stir to completely disperse the AQUI-S®.
  • To calculate the weight of AQUI-S® to add to your “knock-out” tank to obtain a specific target concentration, refer to the AQUI S® worksheet and tables to guide you in the calculation.
  • If you plan to topcoat feed with florfenicol (Aquaflor® or Florocol® premix) at your facility, you must first blend the premix into the feed, then spray the feed with fish oil or vegetable oil and mix thoroughly. The oil will discourage any leaching of the florfenicol premix.
  • To determine the amount of florfenicol premix needed to treat fish in your test tanks, refer to refer to the florfenicol worksheet and tables to guide you in the calculation.

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