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UPDATE (10 November 2011):

We are sincerely sorry, but due to the tremendous demand for the "Desk-Reference" booklet, we are completely "sold out" of our current supply. And, we have only just begun to mail out the requested orders.

Unfortunately, a second printing has yet to occur. In the interim, we have come to understand, from a pharmaceutical sponsor, that a new claim will soon be added to their existing approved drug. Hence, we have decided to wait for that to happen, such that we can include this revision in the next printing. To those waiting for your copy(ies), please accept our apologies for the long wait. We hope that you will find the wait worth it.

You are welcome to place an order (see below for instructions), but please understand that it may be some time before we are able to fill your order.

If you would prefer not to place your order now, please periodically check our homepage for the availability of copies from our second printing.

Again, we are sorry if this may have caused you any inconvenience.



The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service's Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership Program, Association of Fish & Wildlife Agencies - Fisheries and Water Resources Policy Committee's Drug Approval Working Group and the American Fisheries Society's Fish Culture and Fish Health Sections have published a small-format (approximately 7" x 11 ") booklet listing all currently approved drugs for use on aquaculture species. The Desk-Reference booklet, like its sister Poster publication, describes how each drug may be legally used (i.e., dose, concentration, duration, etc.) and under what circumstances (i.e., the specific disease or conditions). However, one new feature sets the Desk-Reference apart from the Poster.

The Desk-Reference also contains examples of how to calculate the amount of each drug to use for a particular situation. Included within each example are the appropriate formulae and/or tables needed to calculate the dose or concentration of each drug for your specific situations.

As new drugs are approved or as new conditions for use are approved for drugs already approved, the Desk-Reference, as well as the Poster will be revised. However, in the case of the Desk-Reference the plan is to only publish new or revised pages to be inserted by you into your copy or copies.

Obtaining copies:

The Desk-Reference is free of charge. To obtain a free copy or copies, click here to order via our on-line order form or contact Niccole Wandelear in the AADAP office, phone 406-994-9913 or email niccole_wandelear@fws.gov.

To view online or to download a high resolution copy of the Desk-Reference booklet click here.







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