Pictured left to right:
Dave Erdahl, Dan Carty, Molly Bowman, Miranda Dotson (no longer with AADAP),
Niccole Wandelear, Jim Bowker, Bonnie Johnson and Tom Bell (retired May 2012).

Office Location:

4050 Bridger Canyon Road
Bozeman, MT 59715
406-582-0242 FAX

Dave Erdahl; Program Director
Phone: 406-994-9904
Email: Dave Erdahl

Jim Bowker; Research Program Manager
Phone: 406-994-9910
Email: Jim Bowker

Dan Carty; Fishery Biologist, NADA Studies
Phone: 406-994-9912
Email: Dan Carty

Bonnie Johnson; Fishery Biologist, INAD Information Specialist
Phone: 406-994-9905
Email: Bonnie Johnson

Molly Bowman; Fishery Biologist, NADA Studies
Phone: 406-994-9916
Email: Molly Bowman

Niccole Wandelear; Fishery Biologist
Phone: 406-994-9913
Email: Niccole Wandelear

To obtain specific information on INADs contact Bonnie Johnson or Dave Erdahl.

For questions on any other aspect of the AADAP Program contact the appropriate AADAP staff member

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