Fact Sheet: 17α-methyltestosterone INAD 11-236

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last updated: 1 December 2011

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Objective/purpose: Collect supportive and pivotal data needed to establish the effectiveness of 17α-methyltestosterone when fed as a feed additive to larval tilapia to produce populations comprising over 90% male fish.
Drug name: 17α-methyltestosterone (MT)
Source of drug: Rangen Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 706
Buhl, ID 83316
Contact: David Brock;
Phone: 1-800-657-6446 x 3332;
Fax: 208-543-8037;
email: dbrock@rangen.com
webpage: http://www.rangen.com/
Target pathogen(s): Not Applicable
Method of administration: Medicated-feed treatment
Treatment dosage: 9 milligrams (mg) MT per kilogram (kg) fish per day

Note: MT will typically be incorporated into standard tilapia feed at a rate of 60 mg MT per kg feed
Treatment regimen: 28 consecutive days
Withdrawal period:

Batch Culture: 120 days (from last day of treatment)

Note: Batch culture is defined as when all fish in a group/lot enter and leave the lot at the same time.

Partial Harvest/Restock Culture: individual minimum weight of 350 grams per fish

Note: Partial harvest/restock culture is defined as the mixing of different lots of fish during the grow-out period and selective harvest from the production unit at various times.

Required test parameters: A minimum of once per calendar year, a minimum of 60 fish must be sampled from a specific treatment lot to determine the sex ration of the population. Investigator should also report general fish behavior and any adverse effects relating to treatment.
Limitations or restrictions on use:

No re-treatment of fish is allowed. Investigator must follow all instructions in the Study Protocol for INAD 11-236 regarding drug acquisition and handling, fish treatment and disposition, and data reporting requirements.

Drug discharge must be in compliance with local NPDES permitting requirements.

Required INAD fee: $600.00 per facility per year
AADAP contact for other information: Ms. Bonnie Johnson, FWS - AADAP
Phone: 406-994-9905
Fax: 406-582-0242

email: bonnie_johnson@fws.gov
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