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The National Aquaculture Drug Research Forum (NADRF) is associated with the Joint Subcommittee on Aquaculture's (JSA's) Working Group on Aquaculture Drugs, Biologics and Pesticides (WGADBP)). This Forum was officially formed in 2005 to identify and resolve issues and challenges facing researchers working to gain U. S. Food and Drug Administration approval of drugs for use in aquaculture.

The initial goal of the Forum is to develop a strategic plan to work on issues relative to drug approval research activities, including (1) providing a forum for the exchange of information and mutual education between CVM review teams and representatives from academia, the pharmaceutical industry, aquaculture industry, and other government agencies, and (2) to create a mechanism to broadly disseminate information relative to drug approval research activities.

NADRF's mission statement: To advance scientific knowledge and coordinate research activities to expedite the approval of new animal drugs.

The NADRF first met in 2005 and formed four technical working groups and an educational outreach group. The four technical groups each having their own specialized focus: 1) analytical methods validation issues, 2) antimicrobial resistance issues in aquaculture, 3) environmental risk assessment, and 4) efficacy and target animal safety.

In 2009 the responsibilities of the NADRF were absorbed by a newly formed entity under the auspices of the American Fisheries Society's Fish Culture Section. The name of the new group is the Working Group on Aquaculture Drugs, Chemicals and Biologics (WGADCB), whose mission and objectives are described under the WGADCB's page on AADAP's website.


New Protocols and SOPs: The list of example protocols and SOPs (and the contributors to that list) located on our Website continues to grow. We now have 12 protocols and 212 SOPs listed. The list now includes contributions from 5 organizations: Southern Illinois University, the University of Florida, the Stuttgart National Aquaculture Research Center (USDA-ARS), the Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center (DOI-USGS) and the Aquatic Animal Drug Approval Partnership Program (DOI-USFWS). Click here to access the protocols and SOPs.

Last Meeting: The last scheduled meeting of the NADRF took place in conjunction with Aquaculture America 2007 held in San Antonio, Texas (27 February 2007). Notes from the meeting are now available on AADAP's website.

Expert Directory: To assist current or prospective researchers in the aquaculture drug arena, the NADRF has assembled a 2006 Directory of Subject Matter Experts.

Notes from previous meetings: The NARDF has also assembled notes from previous meetings, which are likewise available online.

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