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In a continuing effort to make important information as readily available to as much of the aquaculture community as possible, AADAP has begun (December 2008) to publish a "news release" series. We have termed this new form of information dissemination the "Aquaculture Drug Update" and will, as information becomes available, provide this information to as many listserves, newsletters and vehicles of mass communication of which we are aware.

Each Update will be offered in a variety of file formats (e.g., pdf, MS Word, MS Publisher, xps). We encourage you to freely transmit any Update (or the content of any Update) to anyone. If you choose to extract the information from an Update and, as an example, insert it into your newsletter, please be sure to include the entire content, including reference to the source of the information and a link to the actual Update.

All Updates will be archived on this series of webpages in perpetuity. If you have questions or comments or have information that you would like us to help you disseminate, please contact Tom Bell (phone: 406-994-9911 or email: thomas_a_bell@fws.gov)

2008 Aquaculture Drug Updates

2009 Aquaculture Drug Updates

2010 Aquaculture Drug Updates

2011 Aquaculture Drug Updates

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