SLICE® Supplemental Environmental Requirements Information...

The SLICE® INAD is now available. However, each facility wishing to enroll in the INAD must fulfill two environmental requirements, relative to discharge, prior to actually being formally enrolled in the SLICE® INAD.

  1. Obtain written permission to discharge from the Environmental Team of FDA's Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM).

  2. Obtain written or verbal permission or acknowledgement from your NPDES permitting agency regarding the discharge of SLICE®.

More specifically regarding #1 above, AADAP will assist you in this matter. Please download and complete the Facility Effluent Information Form (click here to download) and return it via Fax or email to Bonnie Johnson at AADAP (email:; FAX: 406-582-0242). Please complete this form for each facility that is interested in using SLICE® under your INAD. Once AADAP receives your completed form(s), we will forward them to CVM's Environmental Team. Once we hears back from CVM that your facility (or facilities) has been accepted to use SLICE®, we will notify you. Please note: we have been advised by CVM that it will take 100 days for them to make a decision regarding whether your facility (or facilities) can participate under the INAD. Therefore, please plan well ahead.

Regarding #2 above, you must contact your designated NPDES permitting agency pertaining to your potential use of SLICE® under the INAD. You will need to obtain written or verbal permission from your NPDES Office that you can discharge SLICE® or acknowledgement that they have received your request to discharge and are choosing not to process your request at this time (i.e., providing you implied permission to discharge). You then need to provide to AADAP: 1) a copy of the NPDES document permitting you to discharge SLICE® or acknowledging your request to discharge, or 2) a written notice from you stating that you have received only verbal permission or acknowledgement from your NPDES permitting agency regarding discharge of SLICE® from your facility.

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