National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center

About PFTC

The PFTC is headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida. Training locations are scattered throughout Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. Attendees will travel to several remote sites during their stay to take advantage of prescribed burning opportunities with a variety of agencies and fuel types.

The Southeast is an ideal site for the PFTC due to the year round burning programs of several agencies, broad prescription windows, and the high levels of interagency cooperation. During their 20 day tour, individuals should expect to participate in prescribed burns conducted for a variety of objectives. The wildland urban interface is a focus of PFTC, and most participants will have opportunities to conduct burns in interface situations. This variety of field experience with the different prescriptions, planning procedures, and techniques of the various agencies offers an accelerated learning opportunity for the participants.

Sessions... Why Attend?

  • Experience up to 12 days of hands-on burning in wildland urban interface, a variety of fuel types, and for a variety of management objectives
  • Expand prescribed fire qualifications through NWCG prescribed fire task book documentation process with highly qualified evaluators
  • Perform as a trainee Burn Boss, Firing Boss, Fire Effects Monitor, or other fire overhead position on multiple burn assignments
  • Gain a better understanding of fire regimes, condition classes, smoke management, and fire effects
  • Interact one-on-one with experienced prescribed fire practitioners from across the United States
  • Learn how prescribed fire practitioners have developed successful programs and public support
  • Network with participants from other agencies, the private sector, and attendees from international resource agencies
  • Build confidence in the application of prescribed fire as you hone your skills to become a future leader in fire management
  • Opportunity to acquire three (3) hours of upper division college credit through the School of Forest Resources and Conservation through the University of Florida

Participant Cost

There is no tuition. ALL PARTICIPANTS will be responsible for covering their meals and lodging on their travel card. Most lodging sites are shared room situations. If there is a charge, the nightly fee will be divided. All participants will be on Per Diem during the 20 day session.

FWS, BIA, and BLM participants:  the home unit will be responsible for covering base 8, overtime, transportation to and from PFTC, meals, and lodging

NPS participants:  the home unit will be responsible for covering base 8 salary, travel to and from PFTC, and overtime incurred in route to and from PFTC.  Arrangements have been made at the national level (through FMPC) to cover overtime, meals and lodging while attending PFTC.  Request for account numbers should be directed to the FMPC Fuels Lead via the Regional Fuels Staff.  Upon completion of the PFTC assignment, it will be necessary to provide the FMPC Fuels Lead with amount charged to the FMPC account.

USFS participants:  the home unit will be responsible for covering base 8 salary, travel to and from PFTC, and overtime incurred in route to and from PFTC.  Costs for meals, lodging, and overtime while attending PFTC will be paid by PFTC since additional funds have been received to cover these expenses.

Private Sector and International participants:  will need to contact the Administrative Specialist concerning cost for meals and lodging.

Participant Lodging

The policy at the PFTC is shared lodging rooms. The nature of the training program requires equal flexibility in lodging arrangements (from bunkhouses to cabins to motels). The PFTC has arranged numerous sites for lodging during the sessions to maximize field-burning opportunities.

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