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Chicago Field Office Participates in Organic Farm Bioblitz
Midwest Region, September 15, 2012
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A smooth green snake found at the Angelic Organics BioBlitz was one of the highlights of the event.
A smooth green snake found at the Angelic Organics BioBlitz was one of the highlights of the event. - Photo Credit: Mike Redmer, FWS Photo

Angelic Organics is an organic farm located near Caledonia, Illinois. The farm also has an affiliated not-for profit learning center that teaches about the benefits of organic farming practices as well as messaging land stewardship ethics. Early in 2012, the learning center successfully acquired a 70-acre parcel along Kinnickinnick Creek, a high-order stream in the Rock River Drainage of north central Illinois, with the hopes of preserving the parcel through a conservation easement. In advance of the easement, the Angelic Organics Farm and Learning Center held on September 15, 2012, a one-day "BioBlitz" to identify as many possible plants, fungi and animals present on the site. The skills of 10 scientists with varying taxonomic expertise were enlisted to conduct surveys for these species, while the interested public and adjacent landowners were invited to observe and learn about the biodiversity of the site. Mike Redmer of the Chicago Field Office participated as a taxonomic expert by surveying for and identifying amphibians (four species), reptiles (four species), crayfishes (three species) and fishes (16 species). This stretch of Kinnickinnick Creek represented an excellent example of a northern Illinois headwater stream, and although the fish community was fairly small, several of the species present were good indicators of such a community.

Contact Info: Michael Redmer, 847-381-2253, Mike_Redmer@fws.gov

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