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From report Chicago’s “Fishin’ Buddies” Students Search for Box Turtles at Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge

Chicago “Fishin’ Buddies” Students learn about ornate box turtle conservation from Refuge Biologist and native Chicagoan Jeramie Strickland. Students searched among the prickly pear cactus before getting a close-up encounter with one of the turtles.
From report SACRAMENTO FWO: A Day with the Giant Garter Snake
Ever wished you could spot an endangered species? @UsfwsSacArea biologist got to do even more recently.

Ever wished you could spot an endangered species? @UsfwsSacArea biologist Lily Douglas got to do even more than that recently.
From report Making Sturgeon Babies

Making lake sturgeon babies at Genoa! Read more http://go.usa.gov/9m3Q
From report Moosehorn National Wildlife  Refuge to Sponsor Downeast Birding Festival
Bird Downeast May 22 to May 26 at Moosehorn NWR

From report Interpretive Center Construction Begins in Earnest

Great River Road Interpretive Center Construction Begins at the Genoa hatchery!Learn more here: http://go.usa.gov/8kKF
From report American Woodcock Habitat Enhancement and Singing-Ground Surveys

During the past three plus decades the woodcock population across its range has shown a steady decline. To help cobat this 30 acres of upland alder were enhanced to benefit American woodcock and other migratory birds. Using mowing equipment alder is sheared while the ground is frozen. It then rejuvenates in dense stands with an open understory which the birds prefer for feeding and nesting.
From report ALASKA FISHERIES: Video Weirs, Windows into the World of Alaska's Migrating Fish

In Alaska, the Service uses fish weirs to monitor salmon returning to tributaries that flow through National Wildlife Refuges and feed three incredibly important salmon systems: the Kuskokwim, Kenai, and Yukon rivers.
From report Early Spring Tagging Takes Place

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From report SACRAMENTO FWO: Beating Back Extinction One Plant at a Time
Theft/fire/flooding - #endangered Bakers larkspur has been through the ringer-Service partners to beat back extinction

From theft to fire, to flooding, the #endangered Bakers larkspur has been through the ringer. USFWS and the UC Botanical Garden at Berkeley are partnering to beat back extinction one plant at a time.
From report CARLSBAD FWO: Partners Work to Remove Nonnative Fish to Aid Recovery of Santa Ana Sucker in the Santa Ana River
Santa Ana sucker benefits from group effort to remove nonnative predators from the Santa Ana River

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