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From report FAIRBANKS FISH & WILDLIFE FIELD OFFICE: Alaskan Teens are getting the Lead Out!

Three Alaskan youth are producing a video to voice their concerns about the effects of lead shot on the health of threatened Steller’s and spectacled eiders that nest on Alaska’s North Slope. Project partners are the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, Teen Media Institute, and UAF Cooperative Extension Service. Stay tuned to see the results of their creative efforts!
From report Ashland FWCO Implementing Projects Big and Small to Benefit Monarch Butterflies in Northern Wisconsin

The Ashland FWCO has been doing its part to help with monarch habitat and education. Multiple small and large projects are currently taking place to benefit pollinators. We have been involved in everything from small scale rain gardens to landscape level initiatives. We have also helped educate many kids and adults through school monarch tagging events and educational habitat installation.
From report FAIRBANKS FISH & WILDLIFE OFFICE:Planting the Seeds of Conservation

Multi-faceted benefits were achieved by this project. The City of North Pole gained an attractive garden that educates the public about the need for water quality. Chinook salmon in the Chena River gain from improved water quality, and five young people came away with a sense of empowerment that will help them tackle future environmental challenges in their community.
From report Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area Hydrologic Restoration

The Nature Conservancy (TNC) of Wisconsin and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program recently completed a project at the Catherine Wolter Wilderness Area in WI. The work consisted of restoring the natural hydrology of a large area of interconnected lakes and wetlands. The project benefitted a host of species including brook trout and Canada warblers.
From report Trout Feeding Made Easy

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From report Collecting Walleyes!

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From report YCC students help hatchery trails

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From report A Little Fish with Big Influence: Topeka Shiner Cooperative Recovery in Southwest Minnesota

A tiny but charismatic minnow, the Topeka shiner is the focus of a Cooperative Recovery Effort among various State and Federal partners, including several programs within the Service. Once abundant in prairie headwater streams, the Topeka shiner was listed as endangered in 1998 because of dramatic declines due to changes in habitat and water quality throughout its range.
From report St. Louis Youth Learn to Fish with US Fish and Wildlife Service Rangers and Boy Scouts

It starts with "eww I'm not going to touch that worm" and ends with "I need more worms! I need to catch another fish!" Summer fishing camps led by Two Rivers National Wildlife Refuge helped St. Louis kids learn to fish and instill a love for the sport.
From report Montreal Riverbank Stabilization and Fish Habitat Project

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Ashland Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office helped stabilize an eroding bank and provide in- stream fish habitat on the Montreal River. The work primarily benefits brook trout and other fish which inhabit this interstate section of the river.
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