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From report Bioblitzing with Youth
3 day youth Bioblitz camp was held this week. Monarch eggs were found on 2 refuge units!

Urban Youth conducted a three-day bioblitz on the Refuge. Campers found monarch eggs,
From report Seasons of the Refuge
Bloomington Education and Visitor Center's art gallery exhibits Seasons of the Refuge done by youth open til June 30.

Bloomington Education and Visitor Center's art gallery exhibits Seasons of the Refuge done by the students who participate in our Refuge Partner School Program. Exhibit runs through June 30. To find out more about the Refuge Partner School Program please visit http://www.fws.gov/refuge/Minnesota_Valley/visit/for_educators.html
From report American Woodcock Habitat Enhancement and Surveys – Ashland FWCO 2015

Three habitat restoration projects were completed in northern Wisconsin during the late winter of 2015 to benefit American woodcock and other wildlife species. Also as part of nationwide woodcock management, Ted Koehler and Gary Czypinski from the Service’s Ashland Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office survey singing ground routes in Ashland and Bayfield counties.
From report What’s SUPSY?

Katie~ Please post to Genoa facebook page. Have a nice day.
From report Sturgeon Make a Big Splash at Detroit River Festival

The Alpena Fish and Wildlife Conservation Office along with the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge, U.S. Geological Survey, and Michigan Sea Grant partnered together for the First Annual Detroit River Sturgeon Day along the Detroit River. Over 200 students from University Prep Science and Math High School in Detroit attended the event.
From report Lake Sturgeon Use New Fishway to make Historic Return to Spawning Grounds in the Great Lakes

Operation of a newly constructed fishway on the Menominee River in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula marks the first time in nearly 100 years that sturgeon are able to move past dams to vital spawning grounds upstream.
From report St. Louis Area Refuges Participate in 2015 St. Louis Earth Day

St. Louis Area refuges helped St. Louis residents create balls of native seed for their garden #STLEarthDay
From report Monitoring for the endangered Minnesota dwarf trout lily
FWS employees & other volunteers monitor for endangered MN dwarf trout lily & find a new patch of plants @riverbendMN

From report Permanent Protection for Strategic Wisconsin Lake Superior Basin Brook Trout and Migratory Bird Habitat

For the last five years the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has been working with the West Wisconsin Land Trust to protect land and waterways of strategically selected Lake Superior brook trout tributaries. Working together 5 land protection projects were completed which forever protect 4,911 acres of Wisconsin’s Lake Superior basin for the benefit of brook trout and migratory birds.
From report Urban audience gets an up close look at bird life with OspreyCam!
These 2 #osprey have a great view of #Baltimore skyline. Check them out on the #OspreyCam! http://ow.ly/LfcUy

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