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Chipping Away at the Growth of an Outdoor Classroom
Outdoor Classroom Facebook Page and Sustain Dane Growing Outdoor Classrooms Project
https://www.facebook.com/muirgardens?fref=ts http://sustaindane.org/going-sustainable/in-school/current-schools-programing/
Urban audience gets an up close look at bird life with OspreyCam!
Link to Osprey Cam
Missisquoi National Wildlife Refuge Hosts Annual American Woodcock Wingbee


KODIAK: Would Your Palms Be Sweaty? Oil Spills and Public Speaking.
Check out Kyla's short video, Spilling the Truth.

Fire May be Used to Restore Valuable Native Bamboo
Giant Cane Rehabilitation via Prescribed Burning

Removing a Dam and Restoring Mussels
Dam Removal

Information on the project from the Ohio River Foundation

PACIFIC SOUTHWEST REGION: Water Restored to Cullinan Ranch After 100 Year Absence
Short video with San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge Complex manager Anne Morkill about the levee breach.

Flickr album of Cullinan Ranch.

KODIAK: Hook’em While They're Young – Salmon Camp connects youth with nature and the FWS.
To hear more from Kodiak Refuge Youth Leaders, check out the video created by Leila Pyle. Leila, 19 years of age is a former camper - turned Youth Leader –High School Youth Conservation Corp member - and then seasonal refuge Park Ranger.

SACRAMENTO NWRC: Drumheller Slough Fire Leads to Unique Partnership
refuge website
VENTURA FWO: Saving Sensitive Amphibians in Santa Cruz County

Wetland enhancement at Ellicott Slough NWR

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