Our Division is responsible for identifying and communicating Service issues of public interest and concern. Division staff act as primary points of contact to the media for specialized areas of responsibility detailed below.

Media: We encourage you to visit our Newsroom. Our staff are available to address follow-up questions or to arrange interviews.

Public: Please Email Us or Call: 1‑800‑344‑WILD (9453) Public: Please Email Us or Call 1‑800‑344‑WILD

  • Gavin Shire - Chief, Office of Public Affairs
  • (Management; Daily Operations; Endangered Species Policy, Recovery and Consultation; Law Enforcement)
  • Email: Gavin_Shire@fws.gov
  • Office: (703) 358-2649
  • Cell: (703) 346-9123
  • Backup: Claire Cassel, Laury Parramore
  • Laury Parramore - Senior Public Affairs Specialist
  • (Migratory Bird, Fisheries and Aquatic Conservation, Wildlife and Sport Fish and Restoration)
  • Email: Laury_Parramore@fws.gov
  • Office: (703) 358-2541
  • Cell: (703) 589-6947
  • Claire Cassel - Public Affairs Specialist
  • (International Conservation, Law Enforcement, CITES, Foreign Endangered Species, ES Listing)
  • Email: Claire_Cassel@fws.gov
  • Office: (703) 358-2357
  • Cell: (571) 426-5611
  • Backup: Gavin Shire
  • Vanessa Kauffman - Public Affairs Specialist
  • (National Wildlife Refuge System, social media coordination)
  • Email: Vanessa_Kauffman@fws.gov
  • Office: (703) 358-2138
  • Cell: (571) 319-6342
  • Matthew Trott - Public Affairs Specialist
  • (Editorial Support, Web/Photo Content Development & Posting, Fish and Wildlife News, Speech Writing)
  • Email: Matthew_Trott@fws.gov
  • Office: (703) 358-2512 (email preferred)
  • Christina Meister - Junior Public Affairs Specialist
  • (DTS Tracking, Climate Change, Supporting as assigned)
  • email: Christina_Meister@fws.gov
  • Office: (703) 358-2284

Regional Offices Contacts.

Click on a State below or select from the Region list Map of the United States with links to Communications contacts for each Region. Mountain-Prairie Region Southwest Region Midwest Region Northeast Region Headquarters Washington D.C. (Region 9) Southeast Region Southeast Region Southeast Region Pacific Region Alaska Region Pacific Region Pacific Region California and Nevada Region