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2014 Event Calendar

Kids in the Creek

May 6, 7, 8 from 9am-2pm                                          
This high school field day delivers a comprehensive curriculum on stream ecology. High school students explore actual field methods for assessing aquatic and riparian habitat, water quantity, water quality and indicator insects, as well as an introduction to land use planning considerations.  Students put on waders, collect samples, analyze data and work with natural resource specialists to evaluate conditions in the stream.

Entiat Schools Outdoor Skills Field Trips

Various weekdays in May and June                                          
Beginning In September 2013 the Entiat NFH staff has been hosting Outdoor Skills Field Trips for the Entiat schools 1st-8th graders. The trips include fishing, archery, and explorations of unique natural features on the hatchery grounds. These field trips provide all school kids with the opportunity to learn how to fish. We provide instruction in various fishing topics and let the kids experience the joy of catching fish. Hatchery staff built an archery range and have staff trained in safely teaching children archery skills, another fun skill for the kids to learn. The students put on waders and explore the constructed wetland area to see what cool critters and plants are out there. They collect macroinvertebrates and other living things to observe with various magnification tools and identify and learn about.

Kids Fishing Day

There will not be a Fishing Day event at Entiat NFH in 2014, our apologies                                          
Almost 1,000 people came to The Kids Fishing Day at Entiat NFH in 2013. Big fish were caught, many kids had amazing experiences, but unfortunately lines were long, and after a while the fish were slow to be caught. The new fishing pond, the fish, and our facilities quite simply could not accomodate that type of pressure. The Kids Fishing Day was always about giving kids the opportunity to fish and connect with nature. We initiated the Entiat School Fishing Field Trips in September 2013, with the goal of providing the school kids an annual educational fishing and exploration opportunity. The kids at the Entiat schools love their field days and are learning valuable outdoor skillls including fishing and archery. We realize that many who do not attend Entiat Schools are looking for fishing opportunities. We invite you to come to the Leavenworth NFH Kids Fishing Day on the first Saturday in June .



6970 Fish Hatchery Drive, Entiat, WA 98822 (509)784-1131

Chinook Salmon - Photo: USFWS
Chinook Salmon
Coho Salmon - Photo: NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Coho Salmon
NMFS Northwest Fisheries Science Center
Rainbow Trout - Photo: USFWS
Rainbow Trout
Pacific Lamprey - Photo: USFWS
Pacific Lamprey
Bull Trout - Photo: USFWS
Bull Trout
Aquatic Invasive Species Zebra Mussels - Photo: USGS
Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Zebra Mussels

Last updated: September 25, 2014

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