Ennis National Fish Hatchery
Mountain-Prairie Region

Ennis Volunteer Program: (Photos clockwise from top left) Volunteers at Ennis Earth Day, Ennis Broodstock Building, Volunteer with kids on Ennis NFH Earth Day

For several years Ennis National Fish Hatchery (NFH) has been providing men, women, and students the opportunity to work as a volunteer at a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Hatchery. The volunteers work in all aspects of the hatchery and play an important role in day-to-day operations. College students looking for experience in fisheries, along with adventurous adults have been among those to volunteer at Ennis NFH.


Volunteer stints at the hatchery can last for various amounts of time and begin at several periods throughout the year. However, volunteers are most helpful during the winter months, at which time the spawning season is in full swing. Volunteers work along side hatchery staff to maintain the facilities and care for the fish. Specific work duties include feeding the fish, cleaning raceways, and constructing egg trays used in egg shipment. However, tasks will vary depending on the season. Much of the work is physically demanding. Volunteers are not paid a salary, though they are provided a food stipend that is sufficient to cover basic needs. In addition to the stipend, the hatchery also provides fully furnished living quarters at no expense.


The Ennis National Fish Hatchery volunteer program is an excellent opportunity to experience working in the beautiful Madison Valley. The hatchery is located minutes away from the world famous Madison River and within an hours drive of Yellowstone National Park.

The hatchery is located outside the small town of Ennis, Montana. Ennis is a friendly town which contains - among other stores - a grocery store, a medical clinic, a pharmacy, several restaurants, and a small movie theater.


Visit the Department of Interior Volunteer Web Site for more volunteer information and volunteer applications.