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New Jersey

Search Reveals Lilies Among the Pines

The bog asphodel (Narthecium americanum) is a perennial herb that grows along streams and in mucky soils in the heart of the Pinelands National Reserve of New Jersey....Read More [html]

Rare Indiana Bats Find Home in New Jersey

When a rare animal expands its range, it's great cause for excitement and celebration...Read More [html]

Bat Research Provides Valuable Information for Great Swamp Refuge and Beyond

If you're out at Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge in New Jersey just before sunset, you may catch a glimpse of a returning summer resident, sweeping through the twilight like a flickering, acrobatic ... Read More [html]

From One to 135 – New Jersey's bald eagle success story

In 1982, New Jersey's only remaining bald eagle nest failed for the six consecutive year. Every year, the eagle eggs at the Bear Swamp nest were just too thin to withstand normal incubation–-a result of residual contamination ... Read More [html]

Protecting Bog Turtles in New Jersey

At only four inches long, bog turtles, (Glyptemys [Clemmys] muhlenbergii), are the smallest turtles in North America. Bog turtles ... Read More [html]

New York

Rattling Support for the Eastern Massasauga

Three years of research, more than $60,000 in funding, and a lifetime of habitat manipulation is the secret to resurrecting a degraded swamp into basking habitat for a slithering resident of the Empire State. Read More [html]

Restoring a Rare Fern in New York

New York is home to the largest population of American hart's-tongue fern (Asplenium scolopendrium var. americanum) in the entire country. This rare plant was placed under the protection of the Endangered Species Act in … Read More [html]

Big Partnerships Help Even the Smallest Creatures

A unique union formed between a utility company, a land preserve and two government agencies has created an impressive opportunity for conservation in New York. National Grid, an electric ... Read More

Protecting New York's Thumbnail-sized Snail

In central New York, in the mist where Chittenango Falls cascades over million-year-old bedrock, creep several hundred tiny, rare animals that evolved over 2 million years. Read More [html]

Preserving Long Island Grasslands Provides Habitat for the Endangered Sandplain Gerardia Plant

New York's Long Island is home to more than 7 million people, two major airports, nine bridges, 13 tunnels, and one very rare ... Read More [html]


Partnerships help a Miniature Catfish Swim Back into Southeastern Waters

A small, minnow-sized catfish tinged with yellow has made an encouraging comeback, taking again to creeks ... Read More [html]

Virginia Refuge Supports Nesting Sea Turtles

At midnight, a 35-year-old female loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) crawls out of the ocean and onto the beach. Right, left ... Read More [html]

Prehistoric isopod offers insights to Virginia's drinking water

At midnight, a 35-year-old female loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta caretta) crawls out of the ocean and onto the beach. Right, left ... Read More [html]

Protecting Our Waters: The mussels of Virginia's Clinch and Powell Rivers

Millions of years ago, a tiny marine creature thrived alongside the dinosaurs. After ocean waters ... Read More [html]

Mutual Aid to the Rescue for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers in Virginia

At the northernmost point of its range, the endangered red-cockaded woodpecker (Picoides borealis) is on the road ... Read More [html]


Last updated: April 7, 2014