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White-haired goldenrod, Daniel Boone National Forest in eastern Kentucky. Credit: USFWS

Service Proposes Delisting White-haired Goldenrod, Takes Positive Step with Partners on Behalf of Kentucky Arrow Darter

At a special event at Daniel Boone National Forest in eastern Kentucky, federal and state officials celebrated two conservation milestones for the state. Following decades of collaboration between federal and state agencies and non-profit organizations, the Service proposed removing the white-haired goldenrod – a plant unique to eastern Kentucky – from the Endangered ..
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Featured Species

Channel Island fox. Credit: NPS

Channel Island Fox

Four of the six subspecies of island fox on California's Channel Islands – the San Miguel, Santa Barbara, Santa Rosa, and Santa Cataline island foxs – were listed as endangered in 2004 following catastrophic population declines...

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Photo credit: NPS

California condor. Credit: USFWS

Condor Watch

Biologists studying the endangered California condor have launched a new web site to enlist the help of citizen scientists in research aimed at reducing lead poisoning, the primary threat to condors in the wild...

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Photo credit: USFWS

Indiana bat

Indiana Bat

Indiana bats are found over most of the eastern half of the U.S. Almost half of them hibernate in caves in southern Indiana...

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Photo credit: USFWS

Partnership Stories

Hawaiian Rare Plant Program

Saving Endangered Native Hawiian Plants One Seed at a Time

Deep in the heart of Manoa Valley resides the largest collection of Native Hawaiian seeds in the world, and one of the only places where you can find some of Hawaii's rarest native plant species...
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