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Louisiana black bear on Avery Island, La. Credit: Pam McIlhenny

Service Announces Proposed Delisting of the Louisiana Black Bear Due to Recovery

The Service today proposed removing the Louisiana black bear from the list of species protected under the Endangered Species Act, due to its recovery. The announcement follows more than 20 years of successful collaborations between the Service, Louisiana Department of Wildlife, private landowners and other stakeholder groups...
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Featured Species

California condor. Credit: USFWS

Condor Watch

Biologists studying the endangered California condor have launched a new web site to enlist the help of citizen scientists in research aimed at reducing lead poisoning, the primary threat to condors in the wild.

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Photo credit: USFWS

Indiana bat

Indiana Bat

Indiana bats are found over most of the eastern half of the U.S. Almost half of them hibernate in caves in southern Indiana.

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Photo credit: USFWS

Light-footed clapper rail

Light-footed Clapper Rail

The San Diego Zoo has a long history of involvement in the conservation, captive breeding, and return to the wild of light-footed clapper rails. In this interview Mike Mace talks about the efforts to recover this species

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Photo credit: USFWS

Partnership Stories

Humpback chub. Credit: USFWS

Endangered Hawaiian Birds Get Second Chance

Two species of Hawaiian honeycreeper – 'akikiki and 'akeke'e – are in danger of becoming extinct. These tiny birds live in the forest canopy and survive on nectar from tropical flowers. Scientists at the San Diego Zoo have started a captive breeding program to help brink these species back from the brink...
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Last updated: May 20, 2015