Emergency Management

      As part of the Service’s mission of “protecting fish and wildlife and their habitats for the continuing benefit of people” emergency management plays a vital role. Emergency management provides strategy and support in dealing with planning, preparedness and response to natural or man-made disasters.

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Incident Qualifications Guidance

DOI Incident Positions Qualification Guide

DOI Incident Management Implementation Guide

FWS Incident Response Implementation Guide

IQCS Individual Employee Initial Setup Form

IQCS Individual Employee Update

Individual Responder Evaluation Application

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FWS Emergency Management

The National Response Framework

The Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) provides support to National Response Framework activations.  This support is provided through NRF Emergency Support Functions. In brief, the Emergency Support Functions the Service supports are:


FWS can provide supplementary transport assets such as light fixed wing aircraft, vessels, boats and other watercraft, all-terrain vehicles and show machines.

FWS can provide support personnel, certified pilots and vessel operators.

Telecommunications and IT

FWS as a participant with the National Interagency Fire Center and National Interagency Radio Support System maintains radio communications systems in support of firefighters, law enforcement officers, and incident response specialists.
FWS may provide communications technical and support personnel to compliment other Interior communications assets.

Public Works and Engineering

FWS can provide engineering support to assist in evaluating damage to water control systems, such as dams, levees, and water delivery facilities and structures.
FWS is a member of the Department’s Dam Safety and Security Committee.


FWS assumes responsibility for fighting wildfires burning on lands within its jurisdiction; assists the Forest Service and other federal and state agencies as requested.

FWS maintains a cadre of certified fire fighting personnel within the National Wildlife Refuge System.

FWS is a member of the National Wildland Fire Coordination Group (NWCG).

Emergency Management

FWS assumes responsibility for managing or coordinating emergency responses on lands within its jurisdiction and assists other federal and state agencies on adjacent lands as requested.

Many FWS National Wildlife Refuge System law enforcement and fire fighting personnel are certified is first aid, CPR, and other emergency response capabilities.

Some FWS National Wildlife Refuges support local community emergency management functions through local memorandums of agreement.

Resource Support & Logistics Management

FWS may provide supporting material, property, facility, and transportation during emergencies as requested.

Hazardous Materials Response

FWS has trained professional who provide scientific and technical advice, information, and assistance to prevent or minimize injury to natural and cultural, and historic properties.

FWS personnel respond to spills of hazardous materials to provide scientific and technical advice relative to impacts on fish and wildlife and the environment.FWS maintains expertise in mitigating the effects of oil spills and hazardous materials.

Agriculture and Natural Resources (Natural, Cultural and Historic Properties)

FWS personnel provide scientific and technical advice, information, and assistance to prevent or minimize injury to Natural, Cultural, and Historic properties.

FWS is a members for the Departments Environmental Safeguards Group.

Public Safety and Security

FWS may provide trained personnel and resources from its Office of Law Enforcement and National Wildlife Refuge System in support of public safety and security within the legal authorities granted.


Last updated: July 10, 2014
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