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Here are all the species that match your criteria. Please click on the the Scientific Name to find out more about the particular species.

Inverted Common Name Scientific Name Where Listed Lead Region Listing Status
Bat, Northern long-eared Myotis septentrionalis Entire 3 PE
Bat, Pacific sheath-tailed Emballonura semicaudata rotensis Entire 1 PE
Butterfly, Mariana eight-spot Hypolimnas octocula mariannensis Entire 1 PE
Butterfly, Mariana wandering Vagrans egistina Entire 1 PE
Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes Wherever found in captivity Foreign PE
Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes Wherever found in the wild Foreign PE
damselfly, Rota blue Ischnura luta Entire 6 PE
fern, Florida bristle Trichomanes punctatum ssp. floridanum 4 PE
Fisher Martes pennanti West coast DPS 8 PT
hummingbird, Honduran emerald Amazilia luciae Entire Foreign PE
Lion, African Panthera leo ssp. leo Entire Foreign PT
Macaw, great green Ara ambiguus Entire Foreign PE
Macaw, hyacinth Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus Entire Foreign PE
Macaw, military Ara militaris Entire Foreign PE
Macaw, scarlet Ara macao Entire Foreign PE
No common name Pritchardia lanigera 1 PE
No common name Tabernaemontana rotensis 1 PT
Peppergrass, Slickspot Lepidium papilliferum Entire 1 PE
Sage-grouse, greater Centrocercus urophasianus Bi-State 8 PT
Sea turtle, green Chelonia mydas Central North Pacific DPS 1 PT
Snail, fragile tree Samoana fragilis Entire 1 PE
Snail, Guam tree Partula radiolata Entire 1 PE
Snail, Humped tree Partula gibba Entire 1 PE
Snail, Langford's tree Partula langfordi Entire 1 PE
Snake, black pine Pituophis melanoleucus lodingi Entire 4 PT
Ufa-halomtano Heritiera longipetiolata 1 PE