Division of Economics
Staff Profiles

The Division of Economics is comprised of six staff positions. Our names, positions, experience, and contact information can be found below:


Name Position Experience Contact Information
James Caudill Division Chief

Dr. Caudill  has 18 years of service with the Federal government as a natural resource economist including serving with the U.S. Forest Service as Forest Economist with the Wallowa-Whitman and Umatilla National Forests in Oregon.  Some examples of current and past projects: estimating the economic effects associated with National Fish Hatchery production and distribution;  estimating the economic value and impacts associated with both recreational and non-recreational use of National Wildlife Refuges;  the use of public lands as an economic stimulus in low-income areas, hydropower relicensing, and the estimation of outdoor recreation expenditures and economic impacts.

Phone: 703-358-1927

Email: James_Caudill@fws.gov

Edward Maillett Senior Economist

Mr. Maillett has primarily investigated the conflicts between natural resource development and habitat conservation while with the Service. His work has included documenting and forecasting urban development, water allocation, ranching and grazing practices, and timber harvesting in relation to the Service's designation of critical habitat for endangered species. He is also involved in the Service's Natural Resource Damage Assessment program and the Comprehensive Conservation Planning process. Mr. Maillett is currently involved in research pertaining to the development of economic markets to promote habitat conservation. He is also currently overseeing the development of the Division's Internet pages.

Phone: 703-358-2322

Email: Edward_Maillett@fws.gov

Erin Carver Economist  

Phone: 703-358-2364

Email: Erin_Carver@fws.gov

Drew Laughland Senior Economist Dr. Andrew Laughland is an environmental and natural resource economist. He began his career with the Service in 1994.  After a break to work at Eastern Research Group as a consultant specializing in regulatory impact analysis and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as a geographic information specialist, Dr. Laughland rejoined the Division of Economics in 2009. Dr. Laughland has been engaged in various economic analyses related to the assessment of natural resource damages due to hazardous substance releases and oil spills and the impacts of Service actions on their communities.  In addition, he is involved in methods development and general research activities related to Service objectives.  Dr. Laughland holds advanced degrees from Penn State University, Simmons College, and Hampshire College. He has worked for local, State, and Federal agencies including EPA, CDC, FDA, and the Maine Bureau of the Budget.

Phone: 703-358-2157

Email: Andrew_Laughland@fws.gov

Iris Ponsano Economist  

Phone: 703-358-2136

Email: Iris_Ponsano@fws.gov

Elizabeth (Lisa) Hubbard Administrative Assistant  

Phone: 703-358-2082

Email: Elizabeth_Hubbard@fws.gov



Last updated: March 7, 2013
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