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2000-2001 Junior Duck Stamp

First Day of Sale: N/A. Issue: 2000 - Eighth Jr Duck Stamp. QUANTITY SOLD: N/A.

2000-2001 Junior Duck Stamp Contest Winner Bonnie Latham
Bonnie Latham

Species:Northern Pintails
Medium: Acrylic

Artist's State: Minnesota

Age 16 at the time, Bonnie Latham of Hastings, Minnesota, won first place in the 2000-2001 Junior Duck Stamp Contest after two Minnesota first place and one Best of Show wins. The 2000 contest was the fifth year Bonnie had entered the Junior competition, proving that persistence does pay off.

Bonnie's art career began at a very early age thanks to Mom, Karen Latham, who is herself an artist. Karen's love of art and the entire family's avid appreciation of nature provided a fertile field of opportunity for young Bonnie. She paints all types of nature, including landscapes, animals, birds and the occasional portrait. Bonnie works in various mediums, such as watercolor, oil, inks, graphite/charcoal and other mixed mediums; however, acrylics have become her medium of choice.

Bonnie has won several regional awards for her artwork, including the Minnesota State Fair Champion Award beginning when she was 14 years old and each year thereafter. Now that she is 18, Bonnie, enters the Minnesota Duck Stamp competition and the Federal Duck Stamp competition annually.

According to Bonnie, "The balance of nature is so delicate. I only hope that through my paintings more people will realize that, unless we do our part, nature won't be here for us to enjoy. I enjoy helping wildlife and nature programs in any way I can."