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2006 Contest Results

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First Place
2006 First Place Winner

Artist: Rebekah Nastav, 15
Artist's State:
Species: Redhead

Second Place
2006 Junior Duck Stamp Contest Second Place Entry

Artist: Brett Cooper
Artist's State: Nebraska

Species: Canvasback

Third Place
2006 Junior Duck Stamp Contest Third Place Entry

Brian Murillo
Artist's State:
Species: Lesser Scaup

Conservation Message Winners

First Place: "When conservation becomes a way of life, it benefits all life."
Chris Thiessen, Kentucky

Second Place: "There are no second chances when it comes to preserving mother nature."
Becky French, Indiana

Third Place: "We must conserve and respect nature as our lives are shaped by our natural surroundings."
-- Sarah Neyhard, California

Complete Listing of Art Contest Placements
For Conservation Message Contest placements click here

Name State Placement
Rebekah Nastav Missouri First Place
Brett Cooper Nebraska Second Place
Brian Murillo Iowa Third Place
Catherine Stone Oklahoma Top Ten
Ashley Roller Maryland Top Ten
Ryan Johnson Arkansas Top Ten
Rachel Balsaitis Minnesota Top Ten
Samuel Dantuma Michigan Top Ten
Daniel Aiken Vermont Top Ten
Alexander Nam New Jersey Top Ten
Anastasia Timina South Carolina Honorable Mention
Niles Crow Nevada Honorable Mention
Courtney Barnhart New York Honorable Mention
Chris Theissen Kentucky Honorable Mention
Tanna Roths Montana Honorable Mention
Olivia Moon Washington Honorable Mention
Lisanne Fear Wyoming Honorable Mention
Elizabeth Beaudoin New Hampshire Honorable Mention
Timothy Wucherer Wisconsin Honorable Mention
Stephanie Gaetano North Carolina Honorable Mention
Garrett Hoyos Kansas Honorable Mention
Dan Bi Shin America Samoa Honorable Mention
Amanda Tempesta Florida Honorable Mention
Wesley O'Bryan Idaho Honorable Mention
Richard Mark Oregon Honorable Mention