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  • Thank you for your participation in the 2005 Junior Duck Stamp Coordinators Conference. Due to the dedication of the conference committee, the support of the Federal Duck Stamp Program and Migratory Bird and State Programs leadership, and the enthusiasm of the coordinators it was a huge success. Look for more information to come on the conference evalutation.
  • Please thank your conference committee members.

Workshop/Conference Committee Members for 2005:

* Pam Johnson (R1)
* Marilyn Gamette (R1)
* Guy Powers (R2)
* Mara Lundeen (R3)
* Doreen VanRyswyk (R3)
* Toni Westland (R4)
* Joyce Sliter (R5)
* Janna Greenhalgh (R5)
* Kristine Askerooth (R6)
* Barry Whitehill (R7)

* Tamara Mills (R7)
Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Information from Past Workshops

Organization of the 2005 Coordinators Conference
The 2005 Coordinators Conference is being organized by a number of parties: Terri Porter, in the Federal Duck Stamp Program, Joe Piehuta, NCTC Liaison, Marilyn Gammette and Kerry Lewis Padilla who are hosting the conference in Sacramento, and the Coordinators Conference Committee, a group of coordinators who volunteered to be on the conference steering committee.