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2012-2013 Federal Duck Stamp

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Plates Issued: Offset/microprinting,"USPS" Colors: Black, Cyan, Magenta,Yellow, Invisible Fluorescent, Back Black Artist: Joseph Hautman, Plymouth, MN, Modeler: Joseph Sheeran Art Director: Laurie Shaffer, FWS Printer: Ashton Potter (USA) Ltd. (APU) Printed At: Williamsville, NY Press Type: Stevens, Vari-Size Security First Day of Sale: June 29, 2012, Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World, Hampton, Virginia, 23666 Issue: Seventy-ninth Federal Duck Stamp, Water-activated gum (WAG) $15, Item 334600,Quantity 100,000. Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), $15 Item 334700, Quantity 2,060,000 Sold: N/A.

First Article/Design and Production Sheets: WAG or PSA.

Inscription: Plate grid numbers in four corners.

Front - "Artist: Joseph Hautman" (4 four positions), "Department of the Interior 20 x $15.00" (4 positions), Silhouetted Image of Duck printed in black, cyan, magenta and yellow (2 positions), P11111 (4 positions).

Back - Verso-text behind each stamp, barcodes (4 positions).

Joseph Hautman

Joe Hautman's first experience as a professional artist came after he won the Federal Duck Stamp contest in 1991. Although he had never sold a painting, he suddenly found himself visiting President George H. Bush in the Oval Office, and receiving honors for his artistic achievements.

From an early age Joe loved to draw and paint, but he soon became fascinated by the sciences as well. His artistic talents took a back seat during his academic career. He studied physics and astronomy at the University of Minnesota, and eventually earned a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Michigan. In the midst of an active research career, Joe began to enter the Federal Duck Stamp contest as a way to exercise his artistic skills. His surprise victory provided the incentive he needed to return professionally to his first love. He now paints full-time and finds his art career as challenging and fulfilling as his science research. Joe again won the Federal contest for the 2002 and 2008 duck stamps, and recently became a four-time winner with his rendition of a drake wood duck which will be on the 2012 stamp.

Joe lives Plymouth, Minn. His work features a variety of North American animals and, inspired by several trips to India, tigers and other Asian wildlife. The well researched detail and accurate naturalistic settings in his paintings are a reflection of his scientific background, as well as his reverence for the wildlife and their habitat.