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2005 WAG Duck Stamp

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2005 PSA Duck Stamp

Plates Issued: Intaglio (front) -N/A; Offset - N/A. Color: Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow. Designer: Czeslaw Slania/Piotr Naszarkowski Modeler: Donald H. Woo. Engraver: Banknote Corporation of America, Inc./SSP Printer: Banknote Corporation of America, Inc./Sennett Security Products. First Day of Sale: June 30, 2005. Issue: 200 - Seventy-second Duck Stamp (fourteenth $15.00 stamp), Eight Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Issue - RW72A. Quantity Sold: N/A.

First Article/Design and Production Sheets: WAG or PSA.

Inscription: Front - "U.S. Department of the Interior. Void after June 30, 2006. Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp. $15. Hooded Merganser."

Back - "Invest in America's Future. Buy Duck Stamps. Save Wetlands. Send in or report all bird bands to 1-800-327-BAND. It is unlawful to hunt waterfowl or use this stamp as a pass to a National Wildlife Refuge unless you sign your name in ink on the face of this stamp."

PSA Inscription: Front - "U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. 2005-2006 Migratory Bird Hunting & Conservation Stamp. Artist: Mark Anderson. 50 Years And Still Counting: May 2005 marks the 50th Anniversary of the North American Waterfowl Survey. This survey is the largest and most reliable wildlife inventory in the world. If applicable: sign, peel, and attach to hunting license. Peel here."

Back - "Waterfowl Surveys-- The members of the Waterfowl Survey team are some of the most unique stewards of wildlife around. Each spring, about a dozen pilot biologists fly over some of the most remote and impassable terrain on the continent, covering more than 80,000 miles of prime nesting areas in several Canadian provinces and northern U.S. states. As they fly, they count every duck, goose and swan along their survey routes. These pilot biologists are backed up by Canadian ground crews, who slog through acres of wetlands annually to provide the ground truthing that ensures the accuracy of the counts. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act requires that waterfowl hunting seasons remain closed until the Fish and Wildlife Service verifies that the populations are healthy enough to sustain a regulated hunt. Survey results provide that verification, and play a important role in setting our annual waterfowl hunting regulations. Waterfowl are an important environmental, economic, recreational, and aesthetic resource. The performance of these surveys over the past fifty years has been vital to the wise and continued management of our waterfowl resources and preservation of our natural resource heritage. Stamps are non-refundable. Important: Sign your name in ink on the face of the stamp to use it for hunting, or as a season pass to any National Wildlife Refuge. For information on hunting and outdoor recreation opportunities on National Wildlife Refuges and other public land, visit http://www.recreation.gov/ Local hunting regulations. Please contact your state wildlife agency for information on hunting regulations. Report all bird bands 1-800-327-BAND. Amplex/Ordering-Reordering 1-800-852-4897 or www.duckstamp.com Individual Stamp Orders 1-800-STAMP24 www.duckstamp.com or http://shop.usps.com Federal Duck Stamp Office U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Mail Stop MBSP-4070. 4401 North Fairfax Drive Arlington, VA 22203-1622 http://duckstamps.fws.gov"

Mark Anderson

Mark Anderson

Acrylic painting of a pair of drake hooded mergansers resting on the surface of the water by Mark Anderson, 5108 S. Ash Grove, Sioux Falls, SD 57108. This was Mark Anderson's first Federal Duck Stamp Contest win.

On October 5, 2004 Mark Anderson was announced the winner of the 2004 Federal Duck Stamp contest. Mark's striking design of a pair of hooded merganser's on a golden pool of water took first place honors over 223 other entries in this year's competition. His winning image will grace the 2005-06 Federal Duck Stamp which is purchased by hunters and stamp collectors nationwide. The coveted Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest is known as the most prestigious and lucrative art competition in the world.

Growing up in South Dakota, Mark Anderson developed a love of the outdoors. Hunting and fishing were not only a favorite pastime, they were a way of life. As an adult, Mark's devotion to nature fueled another interest, painting. He is a self-taught wildlife artist who began painting 1980. Like all true callings, painting became his full-time commitment by 1993.

A true outdoorsman, Mark can be seen photographing as often as hunting or fishing. He always travels with a camera and is prepared to capture "live" moments of inspiration. These excursions provide the knowledge and research necessary to realistically capture wildlife. Mark is passionate about depicting wildlife realistically. The focal point of his paintings is the wildlife itself; rural elements are incorporated to add depth and dimension. Mark has the unique ability to produce paintings that represent "anywhere USA." Although he calls South Dakota home, his work portrays scenes reminiscent of any rural environment.

Awards and Honors

2005 Federal Duck Stamp winner
  2005 South Dakota Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
  2005 Oklahoma Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
  2004 People's Choice Award, Augustana Artist of the Plains Art Show
  2003 Iowa Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
  2003 Oklahoma Duck Stamp
  2003 National Wild Turkey Federation National Stamp Design
  2003 Florida Wild Turkey Stamp
  2003 Michigan Ducks Unlimited Sponsor Stamp Artist of the Year
  2002 North Dakota Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
  2002 National Wild Turkey Federation Grand National Art Contest Winner
  2002 Iowa Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
  2002 South Dakota Duck Stamp
  2001-02 Florida Wild Turkey Stamp
  2001 South Dakota Duck Stamp
  2000 Ohio Duck Stamp
  2000 Cover of Ducks Unlimited Magazine (May/June)
  2000 Artwork selected for Pheasants Forever National Art Package
  2000-2001 Artwork selected for Ducks Unlimited National Art Package
  1999 SDDU Habitat Stamp
  1999 Iowa Duck Stamp
  1998 National Wild Turkey Federation Grand National Art Competition Winner
  1998 South Dakota Duck Stamp
  1997 Oklahoma Duck Stamp
  2001-94 Mark was selected to design the South Dakota Wildlife Federation State Print
  1996 Mark was presented the Ducks Unlimited Golden Palette Chisel Award for (Ducks Unlimited Highest Artist Award) contributions of artwork to Ducks Unlimited generating over 1.3 million dollars. (This figure will exceed three million by year end 2002.)
  1996/91 Minnehaha Pheasants Forever Chapter Print
  1995/2001 Best of Show Award, Center for Western Studies Art Show, Augustana College
  1994 Sioux Falls South Dakota Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
  1994 South Dakota Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year, (first artist to win three consecutive years)
  1993 South Dakota Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
  1993 Best of Show (wild turkey) category National Wildlife Art Show, Kansas City
  1993 South Dakota Duck Stamp
  1993 South Dakota Habitat Stamp
  1992 South Dakota Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year
  1992 Best of Show (waterfowl) category National Wildlife Art Show, Kansas City
  1988 State Print Competition for the Izaak Walton League