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2002 Federal Duck Stamp

Back 2002 PSA Federal Duck Stamp
Front 2002 PSA Federal Duck Stamp

Plates Issued: Intaglio (front) - # 1 - Black; Offset - # 1 - front, Process Black, #1 - front, Process Cyan, #1 - front, Process Yellow, #1 - front, Process Magenta; Nyloprint - (back) Black. Color: Front - Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta. Press: Offset/Intaglio Designer/Modeler: Phil Jordan. Engraver: Vignette - Banknote Corporation of America; Frame - N/A; Letters - Banknote Corporation of America; Numerals - N/A. First Day of Sale: July 1, 2002. Issue: 2002 - Sixty-ninth Duck Stamp (eleventh $15.00 stamp), Fifth Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Issue - RW69A. Quantity Sold: 1,619,104.

Inscription: Front - "U.S. Department of the Interior. Void after June 30, 2003. Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp. $15. Black Scoter."

Back - "Invest in America's Future. Buy Duck Stamps. Save Wetlands. Send in or report all bird bands to 1-800-327-BAND. It is unlawful to hunt waterfowl or use this stamp as a pass to a National Wildlife Refuge unless you sign your name in ink on the face of this stamp."

PSA Inscription: Front - "The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The 2002-2003 Migratory Bird Hunting & Conservation Stamp. Federal Duck Stamp funds help purchase refuges, providing a series of wetland stepping stones along the flyways used by millions of migrating birds. Artist Joseph Hautman. If applicable, sign, peel, and attach to hunting license. Peel here."

Back - "Celebrating a Century of Conservation. 1. From a single refuge created 100 years ago, the National Wildlife Refuge System is a network of 538 refuges totaling nearly 100 million acres. 2. In the past one hundred years, America's National Wildlife Refuge System has protected hundreds of wild species, inlcuding our treasured waerfowl. Visit refuges.fws.gov to find a wildlife refuge near you. 3. Refuges offer unparalleled outdoor activities. More than 300 refuges provide hunting oppotunities nationwide. Stamps are non-refundable. Important-Sign your name in ink on the face of this stamp to use it as a pass to National Wildlife Refuges or for hunting. Local hunting regulations. Please contact your State's Department of Fish & Game or Natural Resources. Report all bird bands 1-800-327-BAND. Amplex Retail Reordering 1-800-852-4897 www.duckstamp.com Individual Stamp Orders 1-800-DUCK499 or 1-800-STAMP24 www.duckstamp.com or www.usps.com Federal Duck Stamp Branch 4401 North Fairfax Drive MS 4501-400 Arlington, VA 22203-1622. duckstamps.fws.gov"

Joseph (Joe) Hautman

Acrylic painting of a drake black scoter flanked by three females by Joseph (Joe) Hautman of Minnesota. This was Hautman's second win of the Federal Duck Stamp Contest.

Joe Hautman's first experience as a professional artist came when he won his first Federal Duck Stamp contest in 1991. He found himself visiting President George Bush in the Oval Office and receiving honors for his artistic achievements before he had sold a single painting! Ten years later, after winning several state contests and his second Federal competition, Joe has earned his reputation as one of the top artists in the field. Joe comes from an artistic family of seven children. His mother, Elaine is an accomplished painter, and his brothers Jim and Bob are also multiple winners of the Federal Duck Stamp contest. From an early age, Joe loved drawing and painting, but he soon became fascinated by the sciences as well. His artistic talents were forced to take a back seat while he concentrated on his studies, earning a Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Michigan. In the midst of an active research career, with over 25 publications to his name, Joe's first Federal Duck Stamp contest victory provided all the incentive he needed to return professionally to his first passion. He now paints full-time and says he finds painting as challenging, exciting, and satisfying as he did his scientific research. Joe lives and paints in his home state of Minnesota with his wife Milla. His work features waterfowl and a variety of North American and Asian wildlife. The accuracy of detail and the naturalistic settings in his work reflect his scientific background, as well as a reverence for wildlife and their habitat. Following Joe's win of the 2001 Federal Duck Stamp Contest, he worked with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and other partners to establish the Joe Hautman Habitat Restoration Project in Minnesota, proving his conservation ethic goes far beyond his paint brush.