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1999 Federal Duck Stamp

Back of 1999 PSA Federal Duck Stamp
Front of 1999 PSA Federal Duck Stamp

Plates Issued: Intaglio (front) - #198656 - Brown PMS 168; Offset - #73724-front, Process Magenta, #73725-front, Process Yellow, #73726-front, Process Cyan, #73727-front, Process Black; Nyloprint - (back) Black. Color: Front - Black, Cyan, Yellow, Magenta. Press: 801 "F" Web - 8 color Offset/Intaglio. Designer/Modeler: Brian Thompson. Engraver: Vignette - Thomas Hipschen; Frame - N/A; Letters - John Smith, Jr; Numerals - N/A. First Day of Sale: July 1, 1999. Issue: 1999 - Sixty-sixth Duck Stamp (Eight $15.00 stamp), Second Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA) Issue - RW66A. Quantity Sold: 1,684,932.

Inscription: Front - "U.S. Department of the Interior. Void after June 30, 2000. Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp. $15. Barrow's Goldeneye."

Back - "Invest in America's Future. Buy Duck Stamps. Save Wetlands. Send in or report all bird bands to 1-800-327-BAND. It is unlawful to hunt waterfowl or use this stamp as a pass to a National Wildlife Refuge unless you sign your name in ink on the face of this stamp."

PSA Inscription: Front - "The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. The 1999-2000 Migratory Bird Hunting & Conservation Stamp. 98% of Federal Duck Stamp dollars purchase wetlands and other wildlife areas for the national wildlife Refuge System, saving habitat for many differnt kinds of birds & animals. Help conserve America's natural heritage. Do your part - Buy Duck Stamps! If applicable, sign, peel and attach to license. Peel here."

Back - "Pocket Guide to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service. Fun Facts - Did you know that . . . you can use the Federal Duck Stamp to gain free admission to National Wildlife Refuges? - there is a Junior Duck Stamp art competition for school children K-12? - Duck Stamps are sold not only in most U.S. Post Offices, but in many commercial retail outlets across the country? Important. It is unlawful to hunt waterfowl or use this stamp as a pass to a National Wildlife Refuge unless you sign your name in ink on the face of the actual stamp. For hungting regulation please contact your State Department of Fish & Wildlife Agencies or Natural Resources. Migratory Game Bird Harvest Registration Call 1-800-WETLAND. Report all bird bands to 1-800-327-BAND. Federal Duck Stamp Office 1849 C Street NW, Suite 2058 Washington, DC 20240. Sales 1-888-534-0400. www.fws.gov/r9dso."

James (Jim) Hautman

Acrylic painting of a pair of Greater Scaups by James (Jim) Hautman, 10095 Great Plains Blvd, Chaska, MN 55318.

James Hautman's work has been displayed in the Oval Office of the White House, The Smithsonian Institution, the Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum, and in public and private collections throughout the world. In 1990 he became the youngest artist ever to win the Federal Duck Stamp Contest. He won again in 1995 when his mallard painting received the first ever perfect score of 25. In 1998, Jim tied his own record by winning the 1999-2000 Federal Duck Stamp with another perfect score.

Jim comes from an artistic family of nine, including a sister, mother and two brothers who are also professional artists. His brothers Robert and Joseph have also won the Federal Duck Stamp Contest, in 1996 (RW59) and 1991 (RW59) respectively.