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2007 First Day of Sale

2007-2008 Federal Duck Stamp

This year’s First Day of Sale Ceremony for the 2007-2008 Federal Duck Stamp and the 2007-2008 Junior Duck Stamp takes place on June 22 at the Springfield, Missouri Bass Pro Shop.

First Day of Sales Products

Federal Junior Duck Stamp
Quantity: 48,000 printed
Price: $5.00

Available: USPS, Kansas City, NWR

Federal Duck Stamp
Quantity: 500,000 printed
Item Number: 333600
Price: $15.00 per stamp
$60.00 for plate block of 4
$300.00 for a sheet of 20
Available Through: USPS:Kansas City;
Limited Availability in Federal Duck Stamp Office

Federal Duck Stamp (PSA)
3,500,000 printed

Item Number: 333700
Price: $15.00 per stamp
Available Through: USPS: Kansas City and all local Post Offices, Limited availability: Federal Duck Stamp Office, National Wildlife Refuges, and Hunting and Fishing Retailers

Artist Signed Pane of One
10,000 printed
Item Number: 540796
Price: $25.00 per sheet + shipping and handling
Available Through: Mail order only- Amplex Corporation

PSA Uncut Press Sheet- 18 Stamps
Item Number: 333784
Price: $297.00
Available Through: USPS Kansas City Only

WAG Uncut Press Sheet - 80 Stamps
Item Number: 333684
Price: $1,320.00
Available Through: USPS Kansas City Only

Artist's Commemorative Issue
: 1,000 printed
Price: $50.00
Available Through: USPS Kansas City, Amplex, and limited availability through the Duck Stamp Office

First Day of Issue Cachet
Quantity: 1,800 Printed
Price: $25.00
Available Through: USPS Kansas City, Amplex, DSO limited availability

2007-2008 Junior Duck Stamp

2007-2008 Junior Duck Stamp
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Federal Fact Sheet (.pdf)
Junior Fact Sheet (.pdf)