J.N. "Ding" Darling NWR
Southeast Region
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Ding Darling Staff

Refuge Manager
Paul Tritaik (Paul_Tritaik@fws.gov)

Deputy Refuge Manager
Joyce Palmer (Joyce_Palmer@fws.gov)

Lead Refuge Ranger
Toni Westland (Toni_Westland@fws.gov)

Law Enforcement Officer
Jim Mathisen (James_Mathisen@fws.gov)

Law Enforcement Officer
David Moore (David_Moore@fws.gov)

Administrative Officer
Verna Cooper (Verna_Cooper@fws.gov)

Administrative Support Assistant
Ivette Gonzalez (Ivette_Gonzalez@fws.gov)

Administrative Support Assistant
Traci Gordon (Traci_Gordon@fws.gov)

Wildlife Biologist
Tara Wertz (Tara_Wertz@fws.gov)

Region 4 Invasive Species Strike Team Leader
Bill Thomas (William_G_Thomas@fws.gov)

Region 4 Invasive Species Strike Team Assistant

Lead Forestry Technician
Paul Ryan (Paul_Ryan@fws.gov)

Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Project Biologist

Realty Specialist
Susan Trokey (Susan_Trokey@fws.gov)

Refuge Ranger/Volunteer Coordinator
Jeff Combs (Jeffrey_Combs@fws.gov)

Refuge Ranger/Education Coordinator
Becky Wolff (Rebecca_Wolff@fws.gov)

Refuge Ranger/Career Seasonal

Equipment Operator
Willie Colon-Rios (Willie_ColonRios@fws.gov)

Motorboat Operator Certification Course Coordinator
Richard Blackburn (Richard_Blackburn@fws.gov)

Facilities Operation Specialist
Christopher Hotaling (Christopher_Hotaling@fws.gov)


The refuge is continually looking for an outgoing, self motivated individual to participate in its Environmental Education and Biology Internships. Contact Rebecca_Wolff@fws.gov for education internships and Tara_Wertz@fws.gov for Biology internships. Biology internship applications are accepted March and September.


Last updated: November 9, 2011