Devils Lake Wetland Management District
Mountain-Prairie Region

Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program


The Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program is designed to help private landowners with both financial and technical assistance for habitat management. We can provide advice and often cost share opportunities for grassland and wetland restorations as well as grazing systems. Through partnerships with private landowners we can help provide quality habitat that both servers the landowner in making a living off of the landscape as well as assists wildlife.

Easement Program

Grassland Easements can pay landowners to keep their land in grass cover while still being able to use it for other purposes such as grazing and haying. For more information on Grassland Easements see the grass easement web page:

We can also provide wetland easements which will pay landowners a minimum of 60% of the market value of the land in exchange for perpetual protection of wetlands which prohibits any drainage or filling. When naturally dry these wetland may be farmed.

Contact Us

If you have any questions on what the Partners program can do for you feel free to visit with your local Private Lands Coordinator. In the Devils Lake district (Towner, Benson, Ramsey, Cavalier, Pembina, Nelson, Walsh, Grand Forks, Griggs, Steele and Traill counties) you can contact Mark Fisher (701-662-8611 #361). For all other areas in North Dakota contact Kevin Willis at 701-355-8526.

More information about the Partners program can be fount at the official PFW web site:

Last updated: March 24, 2011