Devils Lake Wetland Management District
Mountain-Prairie Region

Devils Lake Fire Management

Historical development of Devils Lake WMD fire program:

Fiscal year 2006 represents the 11th year of operation for the Devils Lake WMD fire program.  The station itself, however, has been completing prescribed burns in the district for over 26 years. Collateral duty officers and refuge staff participated in prescribed fire operations for many years prior to the development of the fire program at Devils Lake WMD.  The official fire program started in 1996 with the hiring of a single career seasonal position.  Since then, the fire program at Devils Lake has developed into four full time positions including a Fire Management Officer, Supervisory Range Technician, Range Technician, and a Career Seasonal Range Technician.

Responsibilities and duties of Devils Lake WMD fire program:

Responsibilities and duties of the Devils Lake WMD fire program include: Wildland fire suppression and prescribed fire services for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service lands within the Devils Lake Wetland Management District and the surrounding area.  Provide national and local assistance for prescribed fire and wildland fire incidents and training.  Participate in daily Refuge operations working toward the mission of the USFWS.

Facilities and Equipment

Currently the Devils Lake fire program has 5 Type 6 ENG, 7 all-terrain vehicles and a type II marsh master.  We have a fire cache located at Sullys Hill which serves as our primary work facility during the summer months.  Construction of a new 4,500 square foot fire cache, also at Sully Hill, is set to start in the fall of 2006 and will house all of our equipment, inventory and weight room.

Sullys Hill also has a newly furnished bunk house that seasonal employees can rent while they are employed at the Devils Lake WMD.  This is a three bedroom, 1 bathroom house with a full kitchen.  It is located at Sullys Hill directly adjacent to the fire cache.

Wildfire Details and Training Opportunities

In 2006 our 6 fire staff personnel spent 271 staff days on western wildfires.  The following is a summary of our activity:

-  Engine Boss sent on a 35 day severity detail to southern North Dakota.
-  Engine sent on a Type 2 WF in Colorado.
-  Engine sent on a Type 2 WF in Montana.
-  Task Force leader sent on a Type 2 WF in South Dakota.
-  Engine sent on severity assignment to south western Montana.
-  Engine sent on severity assignment to Missoula, Montana.

The Devils Lake WMD is now home to a Region 6 fire training center that will be located at Sullys Hill National Game Preserve. This training center will host a wide variety of fire and biology classes on an annual basis.  For more information on our new training center, please click here.

2006 Zone Prescribed Burn and Wildfire Activity  

Fiscal year 2006 was a busy fire season for the Devils Lake fire staff.  We completed 18 prescribed burns in our district, totaling 2,946 acres.  We assisted nearby Fish & Wildlife offices in completing two of their prescribed burns.  Our district had 16 wildfires, totaling approximately 890 acres. We assisted the BIA on suppressing approximately 36 wildfires on the Spirit Lake Indian Reservation.

Contact information and how to apply:

For more information on the Devils Lake Wetland Management Districts Fire Program, please contact Chris Roed (FMO) at (701) 662 -8611 ext 331.  Chris can also be reached by email at:

All jobs will be posted through USA Jobs

Last updated: March 24, 2011