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Hunting on the Snake River Islands Unit

Successful duck huntersBefore hunting on the refuge, be sure to consult the hunting regulations.

The islands are heavily hunted on weekends, but are less heavily visited during the week.

The Snake River Islands can be accessed at a number of different boat ramps in Idaho and Oregon.

Upland game on the islands includes ring-necked pheasant, California quail, and rabbits, although rabbits are present on only some islands and in small numbers. Remember that when hunting upland game you are required to use non-toxic shot and may not possess lead shot in the field.

American cootsThe best goose, duck, and coot hunting on the refuge islands occurs late in the year after local lakes and marshes have frozen over. Two productive methods of hunting are to float along the islands or to set up a blind on an island edge over decoys. See hunting regulations for refuge regulations about blinds

Big game hunting is allowed according to state regulations. Mule deer are present on most of the islands. However, the dense stands of cover on the islands make hunting difficult.


Last updated: October 1, 2012