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Hunting on the Lake Lowell Unit

Upland Game Birds

quail in the field

The upland game birds that you can hunt at Lake Lowell are ring-necked pheasant, California quail, bobwhite quail and Hungarian partridge. Remember that when hunting upland game you are required to use non-toxic shot and may not possess lead shot in the field.

California quail are abundant in both the East Side and the South Side Recreation Areas. They are usually found in thick cover on the edge of the lake or near openings. A bird dog is a must and bring plenty of ammunition.

Ring-necked pheasant Ring-necked pheasants are common on the refuge during the hunting season, but birds are not stocked. They are most abundant in the thick cover in the South Side Recreation Area. A good bird dog is a must!

Bobwhite quail and Hungarian partridge are found on the refuge in low numbers. The occasional hunter will encounter these species.

In general, the number of upland game birds using the refuge during the hunting season has been declining as in other areas of southwest Idaho.

Ducks and coots

Duck hunting from a blind at Lake LowellDucks and coots may be hunted in both the South Side and East Side Recreation Areas. Remember that when hunting ducks and coots you are required to use nontoxic shot and may not possess lead shot in the field.

The success of duck and coot hunters at Lake Lowell depends on a variety of factors. The best advice is to call ahead to check on current conditions. In southwest Idaho, duck numbers usually peak in mid-December, just before freeze-up. Peak numbers depend on overall duck numbers in the Pacific Flyway. Duck numbers also fluctuate with the lake level, which varies from year to year depending on irrigation storage demands. Ideal hunting conditions occur when water floods some of the lakeside vegetation, but does not flood the trees. In recent years, the water has been so low that several hundred yards of bare mud flat was present between vegetation and the water's edge.


DeerMule Deer (USFWS)

Deer may be hunted on the South Side of Lake Lowell within the controlled hunts set by Idaho Department of Fish and Game. Special regulations apply and a Refuge permit is required.

Last updated: July 23, 2014