Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge
Pacific Region
Deer Flat NWR
13751 Upper Embankment Rd Nampa, ID 83686
Phone: 208-467-9278
Fax: 208-467-1019

We Need You!

Deer Flat National Wildlife Refuge needs your talents, enthusiasm, and time! If you appreciate and are concerned about the refuge and its wildlife, then consider becoming a refuge volunteer.

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  • Individuals and groups of all ages can help with projects that benefit wildlife, habitats, people, and maintenance. Volunteers younger than 18 must have written permission from their parent or guardian. Training and equipment are provided for most positions. Positions are filled based on availability, experience, and reliability. Scheduling and time commitments are flexible.
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  • Volunteer timesheet--Please be sure to submit your volunteer hours on a regular basis!

Volunteer Projects:

Visitor Services
Education Assistant
Help research, plan, and/or write educational and interpretive materials or conduct environmental education programs for visiting groups.

Visitor Center StaffVisitor Services Assistant talking to a visiting family about local wildlife  (photo: Roger Early, Idaho Expeditions)
Staff the refuge Visitor Center on Saturdays. Volunteers open and close the Visitor Center, greet visitors, and answer questions about refuge wildlife and recreational activities.

Special Event Assistant
Help organize or staff special events at the refuge or off site.

Recreational Survey
Gather data about refuge visitors’ recreational activities.

Office Assistant
Help with office projects like organizing the refuge library or maintaining the slide and print collection.

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Refuge Helpers Litter ControlRefuge volunteers collecting trash
Adopt a portion of the refuge to keep clean throughout the year or come out for a one-time clean-up. Litter’s not for critters! Prevent wildlife injuries or deaths—and beautify the refuge.

Plant native vegetation to provide food, water, and shelter for resident wildlife.

Weed Warrior
Improve wildlife habitat by battling invasive weeds. Help monitor and remove invasive plants like scotch thistle, puncturevine, and poison hemlock.

Green ThumbWeed popping up through phlox.
Help maintain Visitor Center landscaping. Prune, trim, and weed in the water-conservation and bird-and-butterfly gardens.

Plant Surveyor
Botany background? Help document the diversity of plants at the refuge by adding to the refuge plant list.

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Biological Assistants counting eggs in a goose nest on a refuge island No wildlife-related training? Help out with spring goose-nesting surveys or fall duck banding.

Wildlife or biology background? We need your expertise to help with research and monitoring. Ask about current projects.

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Help maintain refuge grounds and facilities. Volunteers also assist with carpentry, wood-working, and, with proper training, heavy equipment operation.

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Special ProjectsVolunteer Fred Hill arranging taxidermy mounts  (photo: Roger Early, Idaho Expeditions)
Don’t see a position matching your interests and skills? Then call to see if your skills match a refuge need! Volunteers have done photography and artwork as special projects in the past.

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Last updated: January 2, 2013