Currituck National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

Public Use Opportunities

The refuge is open to the public during daylight hours throughout the year. However, there are currently no visitor centers, public facilities, roads, or trails located on the refuge.


Hiking is available throughout the refuge with the exception of a few closed areas. Entry into any area posted with "AREA CLOSED" signs is prohibited.

Wildlife Observation/Nature Photography
Visitors can view many shorebirds and wading birds, as well as other wildlife while walking on the refuge. Some areas may be closed due to endangered species activity. Please observe all "AREA CLOSED" signs.

Recreational fishing is available by boat in the Currituck Sound and fishing from the shore is available in the ocean. A North Carolina fishing license is required.

Pets must be on a leash or properly confined.

Disposing or dumping of any manner on the refuge is prohibited.


Currituck National Wildlife Refuge is open to waterfowl and big game hunting by permit only. Waterfowl hunting permits are issued by the North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission. Information can be found in the Commission's "Permit Hunting Opportunities" publication. Visit the Waterfowl Hunting Regulations page for more information.

Big Game Hunting Information can be found at the Big Game Hunting Regulations page.


Last Updated: 8/6/14