Currituck National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

Waterfowl Hunting Regulations

Permit Application
Currituck National Wildlife Refuge is open to waterfowl hunting by permit only.
Visit our Waterfowl Hunting Permit Application page for more information

Access is by boat only. A shallow draft boat is highly recommended. Water depths change with the wind tides. Some areas may be only inches deep at low wind tide. Be prepared to pole into some areas. Some blinds may be inaccessible due to low water - if so that hunt may be canceled.

Hunting Dates
November-January: state waterfowl season. Hunting will be allowed on Fridays and Saturdays only.

N. Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission Application and Draw
Hunters may apply for blinds through the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NCWRC) at any Wildlife Service Agent (License Agents). The blinds on Currituck NWR are listed in the Waterfowl - Coastal section of the NCWRC’s publication.

Check-in and Standby Draw
All hunters holding a NCWRC Waterfowl Hunt Permit for Currituck NWR must check-in at the Knotts Island Market no later than 5:15 am the morning of the hunt. Failure to check-in will result in the assigned blind being assigned to another hunter. A standby drawing will be held at 5:15 am at the Knotts Island Market. Standby applications must be completed before the drawing begins.

Waterfowl Regulations and Enforcement
Harvest Data Cards will be issued to all hunters. These cards must be returned to designated drop boxes or the refuge office. Failure to return the cards may impact future hunting opportunities.

No more than three hunters per blind.

Valid hunt permit issued by NCWRC or Currituck NWR is required. NCWRC Permit Holders may bring a maximum of two guests on their permit.

Hunt from assigned blind locations only. Handicapped hunters may hunt from their boat at the blind site.

Hunting will be allowed on Fridays and Saturdays only during the North Carolina Waterfowl Season.

Hunting is permitted from 1/2 hour before sunrise to 1 pm.

Use of guides is allowed on the Refuge. Guides must have a Special Use Permit issued by Currituck NWR. Guides are only allowed to hunt or carry a gun if they are one of the three permitted hunters. Contact the refuge office for more information.

Signs Protect Visitors and Resources

Millions of people visit national wildlife refuges each year. The impact of human activity, if not regulated, can degrade these wildlands. Signs control recreational activities while protecting natural resources on the refuge. Please respect the following signs:

Sign This sign delineates the refuge boundary. Entry is permitted only for authorized uses (hunting, fishing, sightseeing, etc.) in accordance with refuge regulations.
Sign This area is closed to all entry. No hunting, fishing or sightseeing is permitted. No roads or trails are open to the public.
Sign This area is closed to all hunting.
Sign This sign means that you can only hunt with bow and arrow in the marked areas.
Sign This sign designates spicific routes to get to hunter parking areas.


If you are planning on hunting big game on Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, please also visit our General Hunting Regulations page.

For more information, call the Refuge Manager at 252-429-3100.

There are also special Permit Hunting Opportunities throughout the area, visit the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission page for details.

Last Updated: 8/6/14