Currituck National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region

General Hunting Regulations

All general refuge regulations apply, unless specifically addressed on this page. Restrictions and designations on the map also apply. Public hunting is permitted in accordance with all state laws, county codes, Title 50 - Code of Federal Regulations, and the following Refuge regulations:

  • Permits are required for all hunts. Permit applications can be mailed to Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, PO Box 39, Knotts Island, NC 27950.
  • All hunters are subject to inspections of permits, licenses, bag limits, hunting equipment, boats, vehicles, and their contents during compliance checks. Violation of any Refuge regulation may result in the cancellation of your hunt permit and prosecution in Federal court.
  • It is your responsibility to be familiar with all applicable Refuge, State and Federal hunting regulations before hunting on the Refuge. If you have a question concerning any Refuge regulation, please call the Refuge Office.
  • Hunter access is allowed from one hour before until one hour after legal shooting hours. Waterfowl hunts must be off the Refuge by 2:00 PM.
  • The use or possession of alcoholic beverages while hunting is prohibited.
  • Taking or collecting any plant or animal (including reptiles and amphibians) is prohibited, except as specifically authorized by the Refuge Manager.
  • The use of artificial lights (including car headlights) to locate, observe, or take animals is prohibited, except as specifically authorized by the Refuge Manager.
  • The use of electronic calls to attract wildlife is prohibited.
  • Baiting or feeding wildlife and hunting with the aid of bait are prohibited.
  • Camping, fires, littering, and target practice are prohibited.
  • Disturbing, molesting or interfering with any person engaged in the pursuit of an authorized activity on the Refuge is prohibited.

Use of Dogs
It is prohibited to use dogs to pursue, track or retrieve deer and feral pigs.

Youth hunters (under age 16) may possess a firearm in any hunt provided they have passed a State-approved hunter safety course and are accompanied by an adult who is at least 21 years of age. Each adult may supervise only one youth. The adult must carry a valid State hunting license and a valid Refuge hunt permit when supervising a youth hunter.

Hunters with Disabilities
Hunting opportunities are available for disabled hunters. Please call the Refuge Office for information and to make advanced arrangements.


Please visit the following pages for more information on specific hunting activities:

Waterfowl Hunting Regulations

Waterfowl Hunting Permit Application

Big Game Hunting Regulations

Big Game Hunting Permit Application

For more information, call the Refuge Manager at 252-429-3100.

There are also special Permit Hunting Opportunities throughout the area, visit the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission page for details.

Last Updated: 8/6/14