Currituck National Wildlife Refuge
Southeast Region
A complete Refuge Hunting Permit Request must include a Big Game2014-2015 Hunting Permit Application2013-2014 Big Game Harvest Report, and $15 check or money order.  Incomplete Permit Requests will be returned to applicant.   

Permit applications can be mailed to Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, PO Box 39, Knotts Island, NC 27950.

Visit our Big Game Hunting Permit Application page for more information.

Hunting areas may be accessed by foot, boat, and vehicle only. Vehicles are restricted to county roads and Refuge designated access routes. Parking is permitted in designated Refuge parking areas. Refuge is closed to all other activities.

Hunting Dates

(Monday to Saturday)
Deer and feral pig October 1 - 31, 2014.
Feral pig only March 1- 31, 2015.

All state regulations for big game hunting shall apply. Only portable deer stands are permitted.
All deer taken must be checked-in according to NC State Hunting Regulations.

Hunter Orange
All persons participating in the hunt must wear a minimum of 500 square inches of fluorescent orange material above the waistline, which is visible from all directions. A vest and hat normally meet this requirement, a hat alone does not. Once seated in an elevated stand, you may remove an orange vest, but still must wear an orange hat.

Bag Limit
Two deer per day in conjunction with state tagging requirements. Bonus deer tags are prohibited. There is no bag limit on feral pigs.

Feral horses are present in the area. These horses are short in stature and may resemble deer and pigs in both color and size. Take special care in identifying your target. It is against county ordinance to harass horses or approach them within 50 ft.

Big Game Regulations and Enforcement
The following are prohibited:

  • Hunting on any open areas of beach or within the inter-dunal areas
  • Use of ATV’s/UTVs and any other unlicensed and unregistered vehicles.
  • No dumping of animal parts within 100 feet of roads, wetlands and waterways. Hunters are responsible for the proper disposal of all animal parts.
  • Driving vehicles off of county roads and hunter access routes.
  • Shooting from a vehicle or shooting on or across roads or roadways.
  • Hunting outside of designated areas shown on the map.
  • Use of nails, bolts, or screws to attach portable stands to trees. Use of nail-, bolt-, or screw-type steps.
  • Marking trees or vegetation with blazes, flagging, or other marking devices.
  • Leaving a portable stand overnight.

All deer and feral pigs must be killed before removing them from the Refuge.

Signs Protect Visitors and Resources

Millions of people visit national wildlife refuges each year. The impact of human activity, if not regulated, can degrade these wildlands. Signs control recreational activities while protecting natural resources on the refuge. Please respect the following signs:

Sign This sign delineates the refuge boundary. Entry is permitted only for authorized uses (hunting, fishing, sightseeing, etc.) in accordance with refuge regulations.
Sign This area is closed to all entry. No hunting, fishing or sightseeing is permitted. No roads or trails are open to the public.
Sign This area is closed to all hunting.
Sign This sign means that you can only hunt with bow and arrow in the marked areas.
Sign This sign designates spicific routes to get to hunter parking areas.

If you are planning on hunting big game on Currituck National Wildlife Refuge, please also visit our General Hunting Regulations page.

For more information, call the Refuge Manager at 252-429-3100.

There are also special Permit Hunting Opportunities throughout the area, visit the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission page for details.

Last Updated: 8/6/14