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Technical Science Analytical Services


FWS has the responsibility in helping to determine the effects of environmental contaminants on organisms and their habitats. In order to perform evaluations and determine trace amounts of inorganic compounds (primarily metals) in fish tissue, wildlife, invertebrates, plants, water, soil and sediments, FWS competed and awarded six IDIQ contract vehicles to perform comprehensive technical science analytical services effective January 2012. Studies conducted by FWS cover a wide spectrum of contaminant problems and geographic areas. With this diversity, alongside the unique requirements of individual studies, "catalogs" of samples submitted for analyses may vary considerably. Through the issuance of multiple contracts, FWS benefits from a greater assurance that there will be sufficient analytical capability to meet the estimated annual need.

Ordering Guide

This is an IDIQ contract vehicle awarded through the FWS Contracting Office.

Point of Contact (POC)

Technical POC: Brenda Montogmery:

Contracting POCs:
Anthony Bottorff, Contract Specialist:
Pedro Rubio, Contract Specialist:

Last updated: December 14, 2011