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Microsoft SharePoint Services


Microsoft SharePoint makes it easier to share information, especially at the workplace. With the increasing use of this software, a multiple award blanket purchase agreement (BPA) was established in March 2011 with two vendors found on the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule capable of enhancing, upgrading and supporting SharePoint environments. Firm-fixed-price task orders may be issued in accordance with this BPA for the following SharePoint services: architecture design and implementation; architecture integration and testing; solution development, site administration and site design; and training.

Ordering Guide

This guide contains the information needed to properly use the SharePoint blanket purchase agreement (BPA) to award a BPA Call responsive to the customer's requirements.

Point of Contact (POC)

Technical POC: Lee Sutta:
Contracting POC: Michael Coghill, Supervisory Contract Specialist:

Last updated: November 22, 2011