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Land Mobile Radio System Support Services


Land Mobile Radio Systems are wireless communications structures intended for use by terrestrial users in vehicles (mobiles) or on foot (portables). FWS utilizes compliant systems and equipment with other government agencies and law enforcement personnel for emergency response; border patrol; and telemetry control to protect life, health and safety of employees and the public. In March 2011, a single IDIQ contract was awarded to provide radio telecommunications support services, turn-key solutions and wireless communications equipment and infrastructure components.

*DOI bureaus are reminded to first check the DOI GSA BPA Radio Equipment Contract before placing equipment orders against this contract.

Ordering Guide

This is an IDIQ contract vehicle awarded through the FWS Contracting Office.

Point of Contact (POC)

Technical POC: Russell Sveda
Contracting POC: Joffrey Benford, Procurement Analyst:

Last updated: November 22, 2011