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Hudson River Natural Resource Trustee Principal Investigators at SETAC

Date Posted: January 2, 2013

Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC) North America, 33rd Annual Meeting, November 11-15, 2012. Long Beach, California.

Presentations by Hudson River Natural Resource Trustee Principal Investigators include:

  • Barton et al. 2012 Absract. EROD activity in wild and laboratory birds with embryonic exposure to environmentally relevant PCB mixtures as an assessment of biomarkers of exposure. Poster. SETAC 2012.
  • Carro et al. 2012 Abstract. Effects of Embryonic Exposure to PCBs on heart development in avian laboratory species. Presentation. SETAC 2012.
  • Ottinger et al. 2012 Abstract. Comparing Effects of Complex Mixtures versus Single PCBs: Functional Outcomes of Exposure in Field and Lab Studies. Presentation. SETAC 2012.


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Please visit the following website to read the final study plan:


Other documents for the Hudson River NRDA are also available at that web site.

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